Open the Box

I speak unto you this day and I say that multitudes in these times claim to be believers, yet they are not truly, for they have put Me in a box of their own estimation as to what I can do. I do not desire for anyone to attempt to box Me up and put Me in a box that I do not fit in. Those who are imagining that I fit in a box are stupid, for I am the endless God.

When I reveal My power and glory, then it becomes evident that I am far beyond the scope of carnal men and well able to endure throughout all generations. After men and women have come and gone and are remembered no more, it is Me who remains, and it is Me who will endure far beyond the nations and peoples who are now.

This is why, in times such as are evidencing themselves now, there is none who is like unto Me, for I am the wondrous, the perfect, the One True God. My strength is such that I can totally destroy those nations that are full of wickedness, corruption, disruption and vileness as they are filling up their cup of iniquity and My intentional wrath will be poured out on them.

While they are strutting and displaying their immoral lifestyles, they will be shown up to the dumb and mindless fools they are, for demons rule their minds and their actions. Literally, they are the embodiment of all that I hate, and the more that they show their ugliness, the more that it will be evidenced by Me who is greater.

Throughout the ages, various peoples have attempted to overthrow Me as though I am not. However, all of their antics get them nowhere, for I remain superior to such wicked ones and can easily dispose of them and all that they have imagined they have achieved. Over and over, history repeats itself, and there are many nations, tribes and peoples that I have utterly destroyed for their wickedness.

So it is even now. While you see various self-proclaiming powers continue in the vocal and visual bombardments, know that they will not last forever. Blinded as they are by pride, they will essentially come to nothing, for all of their antics will gain them destruction and damnation. Do not live in fear of such wicked ones, for they cannot separate you from Me, and I will ventilate My wrath, fury and indignation upon them, and they shall end burning in hellfire forever.

I do not want you to imagine yourselves to be greater than you are. I desire that you would simply prove to be humble before Me and walking in faith and trust in Me because I am bigger than any box men try to put Me in. Because of the fact that many of those who are claiming to be Mine have locked Me into a box or so they think, the wicked have thought it their time to strut and boast of their vile agendas and actions. This lecherous demon-driven people prey on the young and seek to devour them by their lusts that are never satisfied.

However, such wickedness as these are exhibiting only shows that they have believed the “god in a box” display of many so-called believers. There is no way that they in their wickedness get by on Me, for I remain as always, invincible and all knowing, and they show how foolish they are in the end, for I am not mocked.

Be thankful that you can be reliant upon Me in all that you do, for there is no end to Me and what I am able to do. Do not by any means limit Me, nor determine what I can or cannot do in any circumstance or situation. So often, those who claim that they are My people are literally kept in a place of limitation by their own estimation of Me.

As you serve each day in the attitude of gratitude, you will see repeatedly that I am the miracle-working God and yes, I do miracles for those who cry out to Me and believe. Likewise, I punish the wicked repeatedly for their wickedness, and they are forced to admit that I am the Almighty. If they go to hell cursing Me, they are admitting that I am. When it is Me that you keep faithful unto, you will see repeatedly how wondrous it is to be a part of My kingdom even while here on earth.

In reality, the earthly journey is the proving ground, and those who are on that journey are being directed by My hand and shown My light upon the path through My ever-present Holy Spirit. It is a good thing to spend your lives focused upon Me rather than the world.

Those who become overly absorbed with the world will find themselves contaminated by the same and made weak because they are looking to men rather than Me. Do not give in to the pressures of the world, but rather be knowing that My way is absolutely perfect and that I do good things each day for you.

Truly, I know that some people will never repent and turn to My Son, and that they are so stubborn and proud that they will choose what they want at all times. Therefore, do not be as they are and go after the fools’ way and end in hell. Rather, keep the standard that I desire of you and keep on moving onward in My way.

Those who have thought to box Me up put themselves in the place whereby they are left in the emptiness of the same and unable to appreciate fully what I want them to do. Be glad even this day that you can adhere to Me as the author and the finisher, the beginning and the end. Remember that I am the Creator, and you are My creation. Thank Me to be alive in Me.