I speak unto you this day and I say: Be thankful that it is Me the Living God who knows exactly what you have need of, and I give to you the same. When it is Me that you are looking unto, it is Me who uplifts, directs, guides and instructs you in the way that I have intended for you.

Therefore, when things do not go the way you have imagined that they should, do not grow angry or accusatory about it. Simply realize that when you are experiencing buffeting, then you can be glad that through the same you are being uplifted and brought forth and given My light upon your path.

There are multitudes in these times who are refusing to accept anything that opposes them as being good. This is because they are proud, and in that pride, they are defiant and rebellious against Me. It is not because of any harm that I allow My people to be buffeted; it is because I desire them to come forth in the way that is My intention, and that way is perfect.

In order for the perfect shine to come forth in many things, like certain woods, metals, stones, glass, etc., there is a buffeting that takes place. This buffeting must seem painful, yet to the one doing the work, the goal is to have a beautiful rich shine come forth out of the process.

So it is when I the Living God allow My people to be buffeted. It is not a pleasant thing, and most in these times refuse to believe that I would allow such a thing to happen to them. Yet they are meant to shine forth with My glory as those who are valiant and brilliant for My kingdom. My people are not intended to stay dull and stagnant, yet multitudes are, because they are experiencing nothing that opposes them.

I do not intend for My people to be dull and stagnant; I want them to shine forth like the sun because they have not opposed the way that they have been directed by My Holy Spirit. It is really quite foolish when you see the ones who are totally convinced that they are right when they are wrong. Such ones as these do not want any opposition and resist buffeting and become duller and more stagnant by the day.

Consider that when a body of water does not move at all, it becomes more and more stagnant, and by that stagnation there is nothing but bad odor and mosquitoes that come out of the same. No one in their right mind wants to jump in a stagnant pool or pond, because the same is totally uninviting. So it is that when water is free running and especially over rocks, it becomes clean and clear, and is actually very tempting to look at in the sense of swimming and drinking on a very warm day.

I delight when My people are willing to take on the buffeting that I send to them that they can find themselves a place of refreshment and replenishing. It is not intended that men and women would resist being well pleasing to Me merely so that they can become stagnant and dull. Rather, it is intended that My people would welcome the buffeting that will cause them to actually be clean and clear that I can fellowship them.

Therefore, realize that while buffeting seems as though it is harsh, cruel and unloving, there are reasons for the same. Those who are willing to be complete in their identity with My Son, to the extent that they endure the buffeting, which is basically suffering for a season, will rule with Him because they are not ashamed to be identified with Him in His sufferings.

Be thankful that you are called to the higher way, the way wherein you are given the privilege to be fully identified with Jesus Christ in all that you experience each day. Do not be as those who are so full of themselves that they do not choose Me in anything they do but prefer lies to the truth. These will love the lies being spoken to them by the false prophets and teachers who give them sugar-coated lies and stroke their flesh. I do not want your flesh to be stroked; I want your flesh to be buffeted in order for you to come forth in the glorious and beautiful way that I have intended for you each day.

When adversity sets in as it does, realize that I will give you shelter in the midst of the storms that will hammer against you and cause you sore distress. The more that you are adhering to Me, the more you will advance in Me and be shown that I am the One who is indeed well able and that I will not withhold any good thing from you. Actually, the more that My own people choose to walk in the steps of Jesus, the more that they will shine before Me, because they are accepting the true way rather than the false.

In these times, there are many more than ever before who want to be comfortable in this life and will choose the way of least resistance in order to get what they want rather than what I want. Because they are looking to be comfortable rather than conforming to the image of the Savior, they will push off all things that would make them real in their relationship to Me.

It is indeed a sad thing and a bad thing when people are persisting in yielding to those things that are far from Me and My desires for their lives. Be thankful that as you are continuing to look to Me, you will not be made ashamed. Rather, you will learn how important it is to shine with the glory that I have intended for you and to know that in and through Me you will be enabled to rejoice always.

Do not be dull and stagnant. Be accepting the buffeting in order to come forth rejoicing that it is Me who is your Maker, your Keeper, and the One who wants true fellowship with you.