I speak unto you this day and I say that in the beginning, Adam and Eve were unashamed in their nudity because they had not entered into sin. However, once they listened to the serpent and ate of the forbidden tree, then they became ashamed because of their sins. I do not intend that My people would be ashamed of themselves because they are committing sins. Rather, I want My people to cease from the sins of the former lifestyle and to walk uprightly in Me, serving Me with gladness.

There are in these treacherous times evil people on every hand. They are hateful towards Me and the believers who are walking uprightly, and this is because they have chosen the way of their own destruction. Such ones as these are defiled by demons and have much in their lives to be ashamed of. Inasmuch as they are full of sinful activities and plots of wickedness, they do not have My peace, nor are they guided by My Spirit.

Over and over, it becomes evident that multitudes are deceived by demons and have yielded themselves to sins over and over, and gain nothing from the same except the course of despair and devastation. Know that it has never been My intention that men, women and children would live in such a place of separation from Me. Yet, because they are choosing to be losing, they are repeatedly vexed and tormented by the demons who have taken control of their actions and their thoughts.

How far people have strayed from My way and gone after the ways that are vile in My sight. They repeatedly choose in opposition to Me, and all the while they are inviting My wrath upon them by their rebellion and willful sinning against My standard. Remember I did not create people to be depraved, degraded and destroyed. Such conditions are the work of the devil and his demons.

Be thankful this day that through and by Me you are given My mercies time and again. As you are enabled to partake of those mercies, you will find that I do not leave you hopeless, but rather I guide you in the goodness that I intend for you to be partakers of daily.

If you consider the misery that the majority of people suffer on this earth, it goes back to the fact that they are in estrangement from Me and have gone after idols. Some are of course the victims of idolatry because of the sins of their fathers. Others are rebels who have known Me, then turned aside and wallowed themselves in idolatry, and are loving it so.

However, all sin causes death, and those who choose to worship idols for whatever reason are dumb because the gods they serve are dead. For whatever reason people choose sin, know that they are choosing to destroy themselves and bring curses to their offspring. Realize that sin in any measure is nothing but the ticket to death and damnation. The unpardonable sin is when people blaspheme My Holy Spirit and act as though they know better than the same.

When people are choosing to be guided by demons rather than Me, know that they are the ones who are living under darkness by choice. It is not by ignorance and sins of the ancestors. Rather, it is by willful rebellion against Me, My Son, and the Holy Spirit. Of course, while in their pride they think they know everything, they do not. All that they will know is the consequences of their choices, and the same are indeed not pleasant, nor satisfying to them.

In fact, they actually will become spiritual wanderers and find disappointment in every encounter they have in their search for enlightenment. Be aware they will not be enlightened; they will be embittered because they are the ones who have chosen to follow after folly rather than to walk in the righteousness that I intend.

The consequences of choices are not considered when people are being driven by demons. While some are so rebellious against Me and the commands of My Holy Spirit, they are quick to obey and yield their members to demon commands, all to their own destruction. This is because they are dumb. Of course, they are choosing repeatedly as their number one idol the god of SELF.

Over and over, they are bowing down to those things that I have forbidden, and they are in the prison house of pride. Such ones as these are literally unable to control themselves and will oftentimes end in premature death and damnation because they are so blinded by pride and bound by their sins.

Over and over, they experience the foretaste of the agonies of the damned, yet they are too dumb to perceive that what they are undergoing is their just reward for their transgressions against Me. Likewise, they fail to understand that they are facing everlasting torments when they die.

Each day, choose to serve Me in the attitude of gratitude because you are so privileged to be born again and free from the slavery of sins. Because your sins have been forgiven, you are enabled to walk each day unashamed. You are directed and guided forth in the way that I intend as you readily receive your orders from headquarters through My Holy Spirit.

Respect the fact that I have given you My Spirit and that you are privileged to be directed by the same. In obedience you will find the life that I intend, and you will want to walk in the way that is upright. Be thankful that each day you can be serving Me unashamed because you have not sinned against Me.