Deceitfully Wicked

I speak unto you this day and I say that the fools will trust in their own hearts and their own understanding, and by the same be repeatedly deceived and taken afar off from Me. Those who are trusting themselves are literally trusting in that which is deceitfully wicked, and by the same they come under deceptions repeatedly.

When those who claim to be Mine are trusting in their own understanding, they are basically trusting in darkness and are not abiding in Me. I do not call My people to trust in their own hearts, for the same are filled with deceit and wickedness. Consider likewise that the carnal mind is the enemy of My purposes in the lives of believers.

Therefore, when believers are trusting the old nature, they are fools, for they will not advance in the new life that is offered to them through Jesus Christ. How dull people become when they are looking to their own understanding and assuming that in the same there is wisdom! There is no wisdom whatsoever to be found in the world’s way, for the end of it all is death. My way is the way of endless wisdom and eternal life.

In the present conditions that are evidencing themselves in these times, it is because people have departed from My way and are trusting in their own understanding as well as following the deceitfulness of their own hearts. When you see them in such nonsense, know that they are living in the way that leads to death and damnation.

Look at the absolute moral decay and debauchery that are flaunted by the arrogant fools who trust their own minds and hearts. No longer do people respect and honor Me as the Almighty God. They have bowed themselves to the god of SELF, and so, it is the same they adore. Everything in their lives is centered on idolatry, and true satisfaction is elusive and non-existent, for they are chasing the wind.

I do not intend for you to be chasing the wind and ending up disturbed and distraught in the same. I desire you to come forth in the way that is My righteousness and true holiness. This is so that you can find it is Me who desires you to be uplifted, brought forth, and given My light upon the path intended for you to walk in each day. Therefore, be thankful even now that you are not led into a ditch, but you are intended to be brought forth and given tender mercies.

The head-strong and self-assured will experience miseries time and again, even though they may through pride attempt to hide the same. This is because they are not cleaving to Me as the One True God who directs and guides forth My people by My Holy Spirit. Those who are being led by spirits other than My Spirit are walking under the direction of their own carnality, and the same will prove to be wrong. I do not call you to be wrong; I call you to be right with Me because it is My Spirit that you are listening to and obeying each day.

Be glad even now that you are not bound in the chains of carnality that will cause you many sorrows and troubles. Rather, as you are adhering to My Spirit, you will find that the same will actually set you free from the old carnal mind that opposes My will for your new life in Me.

If you really consider the privilege that you have to be born again, then you will not be desiring your own way. Instead, you will be glad that you can walk in My way each day and partake of the abundance of mercies that I have for you and to know that the same comes only of Me.

Therefore, do not take on the troubles that vex those who are far from Me. Rather, partake of the peace that I alone am able to give you, that surpasses understanding and leads you forth by a plain path. When you realize how truly privileged you are to have the assurance of salvation, then your heart will be steadfast with Me, and I will direct you forth by a plain path.

More than anything, when you are living and abiding in the assurance of My life, then you will understand fully My goodness for you. Be glad beyond anything else that you can count on Me, for I am the author and the finisher, the beginning and the end, and the One who will never leave nor forsake the ones who keep their vows and commitments unto Me.

Do not walk afar off from Me, nor go in the way of fools. Just realize that you cannot trust your own heart because it is deceitful and wicked. Likewise, do not be relating to the carnal mind as knowledgeable about the things of My kingdom, for the same is not true. The carnal mind is the enemy of My Holy Spirit mind and will always try to reason you out of the way that I want you to follow after and trust yourselves unto.

Be glad that you do not have to bow to the old coverings that had you headed to hell and by the same live in continual disruption and disturbance. You are absolutely not intended to be caught up in the perplexities and troubles of these times. You are meant to come forth united unto Me as the One true God who loves you and desires you to realize how privileged you are to be redeemed.

Therefore, continue as a steadfast people who are ever made well able to follow in the way that is set before them, and to know the mercies that I give to you daily. As you are relying on Me as the author and the finisher, you will not be made ashamed, but you will perceive and receive the abundance of mercies that I alone do provide as your keeper.