If You Believe in Jesus, Stand for Him

I speak unto you this day and I say: There are many who claim that they believe in Jesus, yet they do not stand for Him. This is because they are too busy standing for the world and the vanities of the same. That is, they are absorbed in the ways of the world and believe that somehow, they are very acceptable to Me.

However, the truth is that since they have allowed their hearts to go a whoring from Me, they are not acceptable at all. In fact, they are very unacceptable, because they have hardened their hearts and stiffened their necks, and in the same rebelled against Me. When anyone who professes to be a believer in Jesus Christ does not keep their hearts with diligence, they are literally separating themselves from Me.

Instead of standing for Jesus, they will be standing for the values of the world, which are far from My concerns for their lives. Then they are bearing false witness, because it is not Me that they love at all. Instead, they are loving the world and to have their own ways rather than My way. Those who are choosing such a route are a grief and a sorrow to Me because I do not want My people to be falsely representing Me as though in the same I am well pleased.

I am not well pleased; I am disappointed, because by their misrepresentation of Me, they are dumb. They are dumb, because they have taken up the god of self and are worshiping the idol of self. Of course, idolatry is the work of demon powers, and those who are choosing idols are choosing to be ruled by and perform the deeds of the same.

Do not be so dumb as to walk afar off from Jesus and go in the ways of the demonic rule and take on the attributes of darkness. You are not meant to be as the foolish children who are taken in their pursuit of folly. Rather, you are meant to be as the wise who cleave to Jesus with their all and obey the Holy Spirit commands to them because it is Jesus they want to follow after. Because Jesus is the pattern Son, then know of a surety that His way is precious, and it is not defiled. The more that you are purposed to serve and obey Him, the more you will find true satisfaction.

On the other hand, those who are following after folly are pursuing the wind and will never find satisfaction. Instead, they will be restless and anxious and of course disturbed, because they are listening to demons and acting out the commands of the same. When they should be paying heed to My Holy Spirit commands, they are not. In such behaviors as they are in, they prove repeatedly that they are fools chasing after folly.

Many times, fools are taken prematurely in death and damnation because they are not listening to the counsel of My Holy Spirit. In following the commands of demons, they will fulfill the agenda of the same. That agenda is the devil’s age-old trademark: kill, steal and destroy. Do not forget that the devil was a murderer from the beginning, and he loves to murder the hope, the desire, and even the very lives of those he can get into his clutches.

Be aware that you are not called, nor chosen to follow any other except Jesus, the pattern Son. If it is Him that you are claiming as Lord and Savior, then the expectation remains that you would live for Him and follow in the way that He has established. Do not by any means be overwhelmed by the unclean spirits that are so abundant in these times. You are not called to uncleanness; you are called to purity and holiness, for so is the way that is provided for you to walk in.

Actually, I do not want My people to be taking in the unclean spirits that are so rampant in these times. Such spirits always lead people into a trap of perverse and vile sexuality, whereby they perform acts that are demonically inspired and directed. Such filthiness and perversions are gross and ugly and contaminating.

The ones who are continually yielding themselves to contamination are basically setting themselves up for damnation if they do not repent and turn from the same. When people have allowed their bodies to be used for the depths of perversions, then they are needing deep repentance. Do not forget that repentance means change, and they are meant to forsake the ways of sin and to come forth in the way that I intend.

Realize that repentance actually will cause sinners to abandon their old ways and to pursue the way that will lead them into war against the former lifestyle and the demon powers that once held them in captivity and bondage. My true people will seek Me to have the fear of Me instilled in them, and likewise to develop a holy hatred for the evil and wickedness that once held them in captivity and bondage.

Do not imagine for one minute that I or My Son are putting approval on sin. Nor are we receiving those who are continually resorting and returning to the old lifestyle. Such ones as do those things are looking back, not forward, and they are admiring and longing for the lust of the flesh rather than the life in the Spirit.

Those who are choosing the lust of their flesh and indulgence in their former lifestyles are fools, for they will end in the mire and the depths of wickedness because they want sexual pleasure above eternal treasure in My kingdom. As they yield to the burning lusts that harass and trouble them, they are paving their way to hell’s perpetual fires.