Proud Mockers to Be Mocked

I speak unto you this day and I say that it is Me the Living God who will mock the mockers and cause them to come under My wrath, fury and indignation. Be aware that those who are continually mocking and scoffing My people will be mocked, for I will show them how utterly foolish and empty they really are.

Those who are full of pride are blinded by the same and they esteem themselves to be better than they are. Yet, they are convicted by My true believers who are praying and trusting in Me as their source. Really, all that proud mockers have to depend upon is their own vain conceit, and the same is based on lies. Demons literally rule their lives, and while they believe the demons for a time and a season, many of them know inwardly that the demons collect on them, and they are desolate.

Many of those who are God haters in these times are very miserable people who want to destroy the integrity that is found in true believers. This is because in their own lives they are vexed and tormented, and they want to put others under the same misery. However, they do not succeed, because My true believers will be praying for these miserable wretches to come to the end of themselves and to come into Me as their Savior and Lord.

How many who have been so arrogant in their mockeries have ended up choosing to serve Me as their lives are shown up to be a mere charade and a pretension? Then, they in turn will be considered to be the fools by the other mockers and scoffers. However, the ones who will be thankful to be redeemed will live lives of mercy rather than misery, because they have found the way of true redemption.

Indeed, I do not want you to fear the mockers and scoffers, for they are under the wrath, fury and indignation that I release upon them. These elements increase their misery, and they are driven by demon spirits. As My true believers, I do not want you to imagine that in all of their babble they gain anything by the same, for while they are living in hilarity, or so they imagine, they are literally pushed down by their own stupidity and inward darkness. Be glad even today that it is Me that you serve, for I am the One who cares for you at all times.

As you realize that the end of mockers and scoffers is hell forever, do not be tempted to answer them back. Simply pray for them, because unless they repent, they are the ones who will be mocked throughout eternity. They will be mocked by their own proud words, for they prove themselves to be utter and complete fools by their choices to denigrate My people, for none gets by with mocking Me, the Living God. This is because when they mock My true people, they are mocking Me, and they will pay for their absolute stupidity and inward darkness.

Realize that in the end, those who choose for the darkness as opposed to the light are the ones who are choosing to be losing. It is the losers who end up in hell, no matter what they may have imagined themselves to be in this life. It is utterly ridiculous to pursue a course of emptiness then end up damned, all because of the deceptions of pride.

I do not intend My people to be among the contemptible fools who have put themselves above all others. I intend for My people to realize beyond a shadow of a doubt that in Me is found the strength to continue in the way that I purpose and provide.

Those who once were Mine then turn aside are by their choices under the pressures of their own vain imaginations which are fueled by demons. As they have swallowed the bait of pride, they get hooked on the same and cannot face their own sins. So, driven by demons, they resort to mockery and scoffing because of the conviction power that emanates from the ones who are truly Mine.

Sad to say, there are many who are found in hell who ended up there because they chose the iniquity of their own understanding and refused the light that I had for them to walk by. Their rebellion ended them in hell forever.

Be thankful even this day that it is Me that you can look to and believe, for I am the One who is ever present to uplift and guide you forth. As you are cleaving unto Me, so will you be enabled to see clearly and face your own fleshly failures and sins. By the power that is found in and through Me, you can repent and change and not need to proudly resist the conviction of My Spirit over you.

I do not want you to walk afar off from Me; I want you to come forth in the way that I have for you to walk in, and the closer you are to Me, the more you will be rejoicing that you do not need to live in estrangement from My arrangement.

In these present times, the proud mockers and scoffers are spread out in proud array, assuming that they shall reign forever and that they will at last be victorious over the Christians who are keeping the moral standard. However, they are grossly deceived and will be mocked, for it is Me the Living God who will turn all manner of troubles against them, and they shall see their power balloon deflated before their eyes.

Their big balloon shall sink to the ground, and some of them will die in the deflation. So it is, that they will find that I am the Almighty and that I remain supreme and that no agenda of the wicked is able to destroy Me. My power is real and eternal.