You Were Called but You Did Not Answer

I speak to those who are listening this day and I say that there are multitudes that I have called, yet they have not answered Me. This is because they have been focused on the things that pass away and have not the time nor the interest to pay heed to Me.

Because of their disrespect and disregard for Me, they are not chosen for what I had intended for them. Instead, they live for themselves and lose out with Me. It is not My intention that they would live in such a space; they are the ones choosing to be distant from Me by the choices they make for their own ways rather than My way.

It is truly a sad state of affairs when My own children have grown so distanced and calloused in their minds and hearts that they choose to ignore the still small voice of My Spirit which is ever calling to them to return to Me as their heavenly Father. Consider how bad a natural father would feel who truly loved his children if he called and called to them and they refused to answer him or even act as though they heard his call.

Never has it been My intention that men, women and children would choose to walk afar off from Me and go in the way of the damned. Yet repeatedly, those who have known Me through My Son Jesus have hardened their hearts and stiffened their necks and refused to hear My call unto them. Such ones as these are indeed foolish children, for while they are wise in their own conceit, they are literally fools before Me. This is because they have gone a whoring and ended themselves in desolation and despair by their choices.

My desire is that when My people call unto Me, they would hear Me and respond, “Yes Lord, here I am; choose Me; send Me.” In other words, that they would desire to be chosen and used for My purposes and thankful to be a part of what I have planned and intended in these times of great wretchedness and misery.

Consider that in these times people are exceedingly miserable, and it is because they are the ones who have in their refusal of Me opened themselves up to the call and covering of demonic powers. Such powers as control them will drive them harder and harder into the very depths of depravity and perversity. As they find themselves in such places of wretchedness, they are full of anguish.

Yet they do not repent, even though they are most miserable. As rebellion has a hold on them, they are caught in a trap, and the same has been snapped shut on them and they cannot get free. Just as an animal gets caught in a trap set by men, so are these ones caught in the traps from which they cannot escape. No matter how much they may at times want to be free, they have made their choices against Me and therefore they remain trapped.

Know that when My people are responding to Me, they are going to be led by My Spirit. They are going to be enabled to escape that which the wicked one and his demons would want to trap them in. My Spirit will lead My people in such a way that they are able to see clearly and discern between good and evil.

Inasmuch as My true people are not blinded by the god of this world, their vision is not clouded over, and they are by the same enabled to know that I am mercy and not misery. Those who are blinded by the god of this world will follow any demon that is forcefully calling to them. The consequences are ugly and sorrowful because they will and do partake of misery and more misery.

It is not My intention that My people would spend their lives in misery and more misery. It is My intention that My people would spend their lives knowing that through Me they are uplifted and brought forth in mercy. Therefore, when you hear Me through My Spirit call to you, be quick to answer and listen to what is spoken to you. Be thankful that you are not bound to subjectivity to those wicked powers that want you dead and damned.

As you are serving Me in the attitude of gratitude, you will not be held in captivity and bondage. Rather, you will be set free in the spirit dimension to give Me thanks and praise continually, for I am your God, your Master and your King. The more that you will keep focused upon Me, the more that you will be seeing clearly how much you are being kept, guided, protected, and provided for. Be glad even now that you do not have to go in the way of fools. Rather, you can come forth knowing that I am the One who is well able and who does care for you continually.

When you are looking at what a privilege it is to be chosen, then you will not be wallowing in the mire of darkness; you will be rejoicing in the way of My light. It is indeed a good thing to keep ever single unto Me and to know that you are not meant to be subject to the stupidity and dumbness of those who are duped by the devil. Rather, you can come forth uplifted, guided, directed and corrected, that you are enabled to remain in the way of the redeemed and to partake of the mercies and the goodness that I give to the ones who choose Me continually.

Do not seek to ride on yesterday’s glory. Rather, seek for the place that I want you in today, and as you do, so shall it be that you find more than ever that I am the One who is good to you, and I am the One who does purpose you to be ever intent and coming forward in the way of the chosen!