Turn or Burn

I speak unto all who will hear this day, and I make it clear that this is the time to repent and humble yourselves to Jesus Christ My Son. He is the One who is the Savior, and it is upon Him that you are intended to believe. As you are receiving forgiveness through Jesus, you are given the path of reconciliation unto Me as your heavenly Father. I supply My Holy Spirit to all who desire Him. It is the Spirit who will guide them My way. However, those who refuse to repent and do not believe in Jesus as Savior are condemned already, for they have chosen in opposition to My Son. By their choices, they have nothing ahead of them except the prospect of burning forever in the fires of hell.

Inasmuch as these are times of gross darkness, I desire that people would feel the urgency in their own hearts as they are faced with the reality of what is ahead of them. The truth is: Either they turn from the sinful state they are in, or they will burn for eternity in hell and will never be able to escape the same, nor take a vacation from the fires of hell that will torment them day and night. How foolish are the ones who refuse to think seriously about the conditions they are in and what conditions they will be in after they die if they refuse to repent and have their sins forgiven!

I deeply desire for souls to be rescued and brought to repentance, whereby they are forgiven and spared from everlasting punishments. However, there are vast multitudes who will deliberately refuse repentance because it is themselves they love and want to please. They have no desire for Me, and because of that, they continue blindly in sins, sinking deeper and deeper into the very things that are wreaking havoc on their minds, their bodies, and their relationships. Over and over, they imagine themselves to be able to someday, some way, come out of the hopeless despair they live in day by day. However, that day never comes, and when their lives are prematurely ended, hell is their final abode.

Consider how painful life can be without Me. When people are given the opportunity to repent and they refuse, they know miseries unlimited, and such are upon them because of their rebellion and their choices against Me. I want you to consider that I alone am the Living God, and it is My intention for the ones who are Mine to look to Me as the One they serve, and to walk uprightly in My way.

It is indeed a sad state of affairs when those who should be serving Me are actually serving the world and the images and idols of the same. While they make a claim of godliness, it is only in form, for they have long since abandoned My way and chosen their own way, which is the way of death and damnation. All the while, they are busy excusing themselves for their neglect of Me.

As My true believers, I want you to be united in your efforts to admonish and warn as many as you can that that this is the time to “turn or burn.” Do not be easy on people who are hardened by their sins and the pain they incur by living in the same. Instead, choose to look to that which I give to you, and know that the same is the way of mercy and restoration to Me as your heavenly Father.

While there are sorrows aplenty in this life, know that I the Living God do not want you bound in the sorrows. I want you to be found in My joy because you are no longer carrying the burden of your sins. There will be mockers and scoffers in this life who only want the ones who are serving Me to fall and be damned as they themselves are.

However, I do not want them there. I want My people to be knowing of a surety that by relying on Me they are proving themselves to be ever faithful because they are looking to Me rather than the world. I want you to pray for those who have recently been converted, to realize that they can rely on Me, for I will not leave them alone.

I will continue to strengthen the ones who are trusting Me as their resource and their ever-present Father who does not leave his children to fend for themselves in a world full of wickedness and vileness. Be glad that even in these perilous times I do not want you to imagine that you are alone. Rather, I desire you to understand that I am the One who is always with you, and that I do not intend to forsake you nor abandon you to the powers of darkness that are wanting you dead. The reason that I so appreciate the ones who are faithful to Me is because I can then show them how truly faithful and steady I am in My love and care for My people.

It is really a tragedy when people choose in opposition to Me and go after the things that I do not intend for them to partake of. Day and night, it is Me the Living God who gives the protection that I provide to all who will be knowing of a surety that I am indeed able to keep them in a world gone insane. Yes, there is much evil on every corner, and the powers of darkness are ever at work, engineering the destruction of those who are stupid enough to be ensnared.

However, the ones who are being guided by My Spirit will see time and again that they are not overwhelmed, nor are they overtaken, for I will not allow them to perish in their sins. Be glad even this day that through My mercies you are being guided forth in the pathway whereby you will burn with the holy fire of desire to see My kingdom come in the earth.