Tomorrow’s Generations

I speak unto you this day and I say: Do you consider what tomorrow’s generations will be? Will they be enabled to do what is My intention for them, or will they be zombies who have been engulfed by demons? How important it is to consider those to come in your choices that you make each day.

Those who are choosing selfishly are lacking in consideration and concern for the generations to come, even their own children and grandchildren. The consequence of self-love and self-idolatry is emptiness and futility and invasion by many demonic powers that desire to see men, women and children dead and damned.

It is senseless and dumb for people to curse their own generations because they want to live selfishly rather than abandoning themselves to the life that comes of serving Me. However, the stark reality is that under the present coverings, many will perish because they are choosing to love themselves more than anything or anybody, and in such vile choices they set their own flesh and blood up to receive curses in their lives.

I want My people to stay true to Me, no matter what pressures they find themselves in. Clearly, it is very important that they allow Me to be the One who bears rule over their lives. As you are following the commands of My Spirit, so will you make the choices that are for life rather than death. Likewise, you will keep yourselves and your offspring safe from the coverings of insanity and profanity that are so commonplace in these times.

I do not want My people to be contaminated by the deceptions that are so vile as they are now. I want My people to be covered by Me and coming forth in the way that I desire for them to be in. It is indeed a good thing to know and understand that I am the One who is concerned with My people as well as their generations.

As you are serving in the attitude of gratitude, you will be enabled to see clearly what a difference is found in the lives of those who are serving Me as their Master and Lord. Those who cherish Me are by the same cherished by Me. Those who are neglecting Me are literally opening themselves up for the demonic coverings that are so hideous and lead people and their generations into death, both naturally and spiritually. Under such covering, people are driven by demons rather than led by My Spirit. In the end, such demon input causes ruination and damnation.

Be aware each day, as you are making choices, that you choose for Me as the One you are meant to serve with gladness and rejoicing because I have called you to be thankful to be serving Me and doing as I desire each day, for I am the God who has given you the opportunity to be with Me in eternity. Therefore, be glad that as you are doing what I want rather than what you want, you are showing to tomorrow’s generations the higher way, the better way that I ordain.

If you stop and consider the corruption that brings destruction, the same is seen in families, tribes, churches, as well as rulers who are failing to be responsible for making the right choices. When you see how many are serving the god of self, it is appalling because it is not only themselves that they curse; it is others as well. Sadly enough, far too many are involved with the world, and this includes the churches as well. They are totally irresponsible towards tomorrow’s generations and are merely living for the here and now.

When I raise up nations, My first desire is for those who will serve Me, and I will indeed raise up nations for this purpose according to My desire. However, there are other nations that I raise up for punishment upon the nations that have forgotten Me. Know that I will keep My people during the shaking of nations if they listen to My Spirit and obey the commands of the same.

I do not want My people to be going after the idolatry that is deceiving vast multitudes. I want My people to keep their focus, their intention on Me, for I AM the Most High God. My power and My glory remain long after idols have crumbled and evil nations have been brought to ruination and are long forgotten.

Therefore, keep your vision steady looking unto Me, for what I declare I do, for I am the One who remains forever. As you will stand on the promises that I give you, so will you live to see brought forth what I have spoken. Do not be wavering, nor constantly yielding to doubt. Rather, keep declaring that I the Living God do not lie, and before you die, you will see those things that I have spoken to you come to pass. Know that in time and eternity, it is Me who remains.

Count it a great privilege that I have invited you to be a partaker of My kingdom and to know the mercies that I alone can give you. Do not allow yourselves to be wearied under the weight of the world. Rather, be soaring in the mind of My Spirit, and the same will lift you up on wings as eagles. You will be able to look down and see your enemies for the mere earth and evil-bound fools that they are.

Know likewise that you will live to see My vengeance brought down on them and their generations. They shall drink of the cup of My wrath, and the same shall be a bitter cup, for they have spewed out lies and made bitter false accusations. When you hear of My just judgments, be thankful to be under My mercies and to know that the same I intend for you and those united believers who will choose Me for life.