Great Expectations Come by Faith

I speak unto you this day and I say: Let your faith soar, that is, let your expectations be in what I am able to do. When you consider how fortunate you are to believe in Me, then keep on steadily holding to the promises I give to you. That is, do not be taken aback by the unbelief that is so rampant in these times when multitudes have collapsed to fear, doubt, accusation, and poisonous bitterness.

It is not My intention that you would be stricken down by fear, doubt, accusation, and poisonous bitterness, for all of these bring spiritual death and are indeed deadly to those who are claiming to be Mine. When the enemies come in like a flood, resist them steadfast and use the shield of faith in order to withstand the fiery darts they want to shoot at you to bring you down and devastate your faith.

The more that you keep steadily standing on the Rock, the more that you are able to withstand the winds of adversity that are rampaging against My people at this time and trying to bring them to naught. You are not meant to amount to nothing; you are meant to be firm in your faith, and unwilling to let go of the same.

When you consider that, as you confess faith, speak faith, live faith, and trust faith, you will not be taken down, for faith in Me will prove to be the anchor of your soul. As you are anchored, the waves of ungodliness, fear, doubt, unbelief, accusation and bitterness will not be able to move you, for your confidence will be in Me, and you will not lend your ears to the demon spirits that are so present in these times.

Be glad that I have provided for you everything that you need, and as you are using the weapons that I give you, of course you are continually uplifted and directed in the way of victory. My people are not meant to be the victims; they are meant to be the victors who are living in victorious, conquering, prevailing, and overcoming faith.

The more that you keep yourselves steadily believing in My righteousness, you will not be listening to the accuser, who wants to bring you down and bankrupt your confidence in Me. Nor will you let bitterness grab hold of you and overtake you, for you will understand that I am good to you and that My intentions are for your growth and My glory.

As you are keeping in hope, you will have and receive great expectations because you are continually confessing what I will do, not what the world demands of you. You are not called to be subject to the world’s opinions in situations and circumstances where you find yourselves when in service to Me. Rather, you are to keep on believing for the great expectations that you are looking for to be fulfilled.

I do not lead you into a forty-year circle walk; I call you to rise up in the faith within you and to enter into that which I have promised. Do not spend your time in continually wondering how I will accomplish what I promise. Just trust Me. Remember that I am the God of miracles and there is none who is like Me.

Those who imagine that they are able to stand on their own will find themselves going in circles year after year. This is because they are trusting in their own understanding rather than Me. I do not call you to trust in your understanding; I call you to trust in Me as the God who is the Almighty and well able to show forth My miracle power.

Over and over, I want you to know that it is Me who is with you, and it is Me who does not depart. As you keep giving Me thanks and praise for even the smallest of things, so will you see that in all things that pertain to you and your well-being, I am with you. You are not to despise the days of small beginnings, for in the same, great expectations will come forth according to My intentions for your lives.

Consider that each time I lead you to a new dimension, you must rely on the Rock who is Jesus, and as you do, you will be enlightened by My Holy Spirit to perceive that I am the One who is calling you to come forth into not only the new dimensions, but higher levels of faith and confidence in Me.

Do not let the enemy rob you in any way whatsoever, for as you lock into faith, the demon forces cannot break through the fence of faith that is around you. Remember it is Me the Living God who gives to you the angelic host to war in your behalf, and as you keep your faith in Me, you will not be shaken nor taken captive.

In these dreadful times of pagan play, so many are losing their souls in the hands of the devil, who is the master of wickedness. Yet, remember always that he is defeated and needs to be reminded of that as you lock yourselves into faith, faith, and more faith in Me. Be aware that the devil is an actor, in the sense that he can transform as can his demons into any role that he thinks will work to cause you to fall from My way and end in the ditch of despair. He absolutely despises all who will serve with gladness, rejoicing, and the giving of praise.

The more that you are dedicating yourselves to keeping the faith that was once delivered to the saints, the more that you will realize how much the enemy hates the same. Do not be taken down the fools’ road. Stay on the straight and narrow, with your confession, your vision, and your actions full of faith and confidence in what I am able to do. Do not be permeated by the fiery darts of the devil. Keep up the shield of faith.