Dumb as Pagans

I speak unto you this day and I say: Be aware that multitudes in these times are dumb by choice. That is, they pretend that they do not have a conscience because they ignore the same. Then they do what they want, and act as though it is all right when it is not.

This spiritual dumbness is because people are returning to pagan ways and imagining they will find some excitement, some fulfillment, some pleasure. In such choices they are proving themselves to be dumb, and showing how shortsighted they are. This is because this is a time of gross darkness and people are literally lunging into that darkness as though they will find everything they have ever wanted in their lives.

However, the reality is that they will not find what I have intended for them. As they have accepted the dumbness that demons have enticed them into, they will sink lower and lower into the mire of sin, and take on more and more paganism as they do. Inasmuch as their choices are for that which I do not intend, they are covered by the devil and his forces of demons. In such, the result can only be increased sinfulness, increased darkness, and increased hopelessness and despair.

Consider that without the light that I have given to the world through Jesus Christ My Son, all live in the depths of depravity because they are taken there by the devil, who is the god of this world. For those who have grown up under the benefits of Christian standards, the world of darkness may hold some enticing enchantment. Those who are easily enticed and seduced are easy prey for the demonic infestation that will take them in the course of their own destruction and damnation.

It is very sad to see how really stupid people are when they refuse to listen to the conscience I have put within them and abandon themselves to dumb choices and stupid reasons to go in the way that is sinfulness and degradation. In taking up pagan ways, they are taking on the coverings under which trillions of souls have lived lives of misery and despair and ended in hell for their doings. Without the light, know that multitudes will follow the legends, the magicians, the liars and deceivers who want them to prove how pagan they can be. Some will absolutely go wild and be found as was Legion, so full of demons that no mere human could control him.

For these stark and ugly realities, those who are dumb by choice are going after the bait and finding themselves hooked on all manner of addictions that they must have. Inasmuch as they are the ones who are dumb by choice, they will reap in sorrow and sadness as they become locked in as slaves to the very choices they have made in opposition to Me. To go backwards rather than forward is like jumping into the very pool of death and sinking in the filthy waters of the same.

It is in these filthy waters that the twice dead find their habitat, and they attempt to bring others with them into the depths of depravity, for they are miserable and they want company. Stop and consider that I the Living God do give to you exactly what you need in every circumstance and situation, and as you are partaking of the same, so will you be uplifted in the way that I have for you to walk in. Therefore, stay attentive unto Me, for what I intend is spoken to you by and through My Holy Spirit. As you keep your eyes single unto Me, you cannot be deceived, for My Spirit will cause you to discern between good and evil.

When you see the ugliness of the drug-infested homeless who are down to nothing, that is the result of choosing in opposition to Me and wanting darkness rather than light. Think of an existence whereby they are wanting nothing except their own way, which is really the way of death and damnation. The pagan way does not hold anything except ignorance, poverty, hardship, suffering and anguish, as well as sinful practices that can only originate with demonic inspiration.

When I created man and woman, I was pleased with the same. However, Adam and Eve chose to believe the devil above Me. By their own dumb choices, they became the subjects of the devil’s rule over them and ended in their own destruction and despair, separated from Me. I never created them to choose in opposition to Me; they made that choice.

After their fall, all of humanity came under the curse, then the demons began to convince the generations to create their own gods, and by such, idols came into being. Along with the idolatry came pagan practices originating out of the cauldrons of hell, whereby people began doing more and more wickedness because they chose the same. As they continued in such a course, their end was of course darkness in this life and hell forever in the life hereafter.

As you see, the ones who are dumb by choice because they are burning with lust for pagan ways, know such ones are being possessed by demons. Demons cannot lead anyone except to greater degradation and abomination, and the more that people embrace pagan ways, the more they will suffer the shame that accompanies the same.

Those who have abandoned and trampled the conviction of conscience have made the brutish choice that will lead them down a dark and slippery road whereby they will slide into the depths of iniquity and be bound by demon powers of antiquity because they have chosen to be pagans.