Restored or Destroyed

I speak unto you this day and I say: Do not be afraid, neither tremble under the weight of the sins that are so present in these times. Sad to say, there are many of those who claim to love My Son, who are loving themselves and serving confusion and delusion, setting themselves up to be destroyed. It is not My intention that those who are claiming to be Mine would yield to the insanity that is so commonplace in these times.

My intention is that My people would believe upon Me, trust in Me, and know that I am the One who does not lie. When I make a promise or promises to My people, they are meant to hold to those promises and not allow themselves to be easily shaken and swallowed up by unbelief.

If you consider how many Christians are giving way to unbelief, it is a sad thing to behold. This is because they have more confidence in the lies of the liar and his demon forces than they do in what I speak to them and what is written in My Word. When they do that, they are the ones who are setting themselves up to be destroyed rather than restored.

When My people have been viciously attacked by enemy forces, it is not My intention that they would crumble to the same and be left in desolation and despair. It is My intention that they would rejoice that through Me they are uplifted and restored by My mercies and the guidance of My Spirit being given to them each day.

Those who have worked in the field of worldly construction realize that it is more difficult to restore that which has been battered and broken than to build something brand new. However, to the ones who are patient enough to labor at the restoration of the battered and beaten, it is plainly shown that what comes forth is richer and has a deeper beauty than that which is simply the consequence of new construction.

So it is with nations. When I the Living God do speak and declare that I will raise up new nations and pull down the old that have deteriorated inwardly, be aware that I will restore those who have kept true to Me. They will shine in the midst of the new nations because they will carry the deeper beauty of what they have endured for Me. Therefore, let your hope and your confidence be ever in Me that you are not made ashamed nor left desolate, for it is a good thing to know that it is Me who is well able, and it is Me who will give to you all that you need.

As My true people, do not ever imagine that I have deserted you because of the wickedness of evil rulers. Realize that such as these are filling up their cups in the wickedness that they do towards those who love Me and stand for My righteousness and refuse to bow to their perversity. In these times, you will see that there are multitudes who are going astray because they are fearful and have given themselves to doubt and unbelief.

When the demon spirits of unbelief and doubt try to entangle you in the web of fear that has taken so many into captivity, resist, refuse and rebuke such spirits, for they are sent by the evil one to destroy. You are not meant to be destroyed; you are meant to see My mighty hand of restoration upon your lives and to rejoice as I bring forth exactly what I have intended for you, that you can be thankful each day to come forth in My way. Purpose yourselves to serve Me each day in the attitude of gratitude, and to keep determined that you will serve Me with gladness, for I am your Creator.

Unbelief will turn you into an accuser and a loser. Therefore, sharply rebuke such demons who would attempt to entice you away from Me. Be aware that you are in a battle daily and you are meant to keep trusting in Me and believing My promises to you despite the mental bombardments that would attempt to grab hold of your minds.

I do not want My people to be lazy; I want them to be alert and alive and actively keeping up their guard against any and all spirits that want to capture their thoughts and lead them far from Me. I do not want you to be far from Me; I want you to be close to Me, and in order to maintain that position, you must realize the necessity of warfare. Make it your practice to do the same. While you may hear the voices that ask you, “What is the use?” you do not need to pay heed to those destructive voices that want you to succumb and give up.

Rather, you must wage war against them and confess that through My Son Jesus you are victorious and will conquer the forces that want to destroy and devastate you. Be thankful that I do want you to come forth in the way of My righteousness that you can find your strength, your hope, and your lives restored through Me. My Spirit is given to you to guide and command you each day according to My will. Learn to listen and obey the commands of the Spirit that you do not succumb to the dark clouds of destruction that are hovering over the land.

Each day when you awake, praise Me, no matter how you feel. Do not resort to the news coming from the world; resort to Me as the One who loves you and gives you the Spirit of truth, the Holy Spirit, who will lead you in the way I intend. As you are praising Me and serving Me with rejoicing, so are you enabled to know of a surety that I do not withhold any good thing from you. I give to you exactly what you need to be uplifted, kept and shown the beauty of My restoration glories in your lives.