Miraculous Journey

I speak unto you this day and I tell you: Be thankful that you are on the miraculous journey with Me. If you stop and ponder the many wondrous things that I do for you each day, you have a lot to be thankful for. The world’s people do not have the help nor the benefit of miracles like I give unto you. They are in the position of daily trudging onward without the benefits that you may take for granted.

The world at this time is full of darkness and sinking into greater and greater darkness by the day. Multitudes are living in the prison houses of sin and evil and unable or unwilling to come out of the same. They live their lives in misery, while they tell themselves they are having fun.

However, they have to face Me in the end. Then, they must give an account for their wasted lives, as well as why they hated Me and repeatedly refused to receive the mercies I offered to them. Of course, they do not get by on Me, for each person must face up to what they have done during their time on this earth. In reality, the earthly journey is a proving ground, and the ones who prove to be not worthy are cast into hell for their choices for evil rather than the good that I give to those who follow Me.

It is indeed a beautiful thing to be enabled to walk in the way that I intend and provide and to know that what I do for you is truly miraculous. Think what a privilege it will be when you stand before Me and are told, “Well done. You have been good and faithful.”

It gives Me great pleasure when the ones who are Christian are truly following Jesus and walking in His steps. The ones who will continue steadfast until the end are the ones who will be received and counted worthy to dwell in heavenly dimensions.

There are countless multitudes who are being cast into hell daily, and hell must continue to enlarge and expand herself to receive the multiplied inhabitants who are being cast there. The vast multitudes waste their lives in self-indulgence and have no care for the future. They only want things to be their way, and no other way is acceptable to them.

Why do people love themselves so much and have such a misguided opinion of how great they are? It is because they have chosen to be covered by pride rather than humility, and in such they will be overwhelmed and overtaken.

The truth is that it is absolute foolishness when people are giving themselves over to that which I did not intend for them to pursue. When I created men and women, I made them upright that they could honor Me and not be a shame to My Name. However, as time progressed, they proved to be useless and worthless because they chose sin above My righteousness, and they preferred to use up their journey on earth working in opposition to Me rather than respecting Me. I do not find pleasure in such people, for their hearts are hardened by sin and they are a grief and a shame to Me.

While people tend to look at the outward display and are very impressed with the same, I am not. This is because people are impressed with fame, with gain, with possessions and with appearances. While some people will appear to be so lovely or handsome to one generation, they appear foolish to another generation. I do not care about the outward as people do care. I care about the inward and that My people keep their hearts with Me as a well-kept and watered garden.

There are multitudes in these times who are full of the vanity and the vexation of their own ways, and in such they have proven to be wearisome to Me as they have chosen to commit abominations, deviations, and mutilations as the current vogue. In such behaviors, they prove themselves to be worthless before Me. Because they will not have the miraculous journey, they will be on the dead-end journey and find themselves in hell.

As My true ones, I want you to stop and reflect and recollect the many times that I have led you forth on the miracle road. Over and over, despite the circumstances or situations you found yourselves in, it is Me the Living God who has continually uplifted you and given you the hope that is found in Me. Be knowing that I want you to be the people who are able to testify of the joys they have experienced in seeing Me provide them with miracles which no person can do.

I do not approve of magicians and all of their tricks. I approve of those who are relating to Me for who I AM, the One True God who is well able to do the miraculous for those who will keep knowing that I am the One who is able, no matter what the situations may be that they confront. Therefore, do not grow anxious over the show of the demonic power that is being displayed in these times. Rather, keep steadfastly going forward, with your hope set upon Me and your vision on My way.

Look at the conditions that people are in during these times. They are full of all manner of corruption and disruption. This is because they are losing what I have intended as they are listening to the rantings of demons who are trying to terrorize people into compliance with their wicked agendas.

As My people, know that you do not need to cave in to that which is evil. Rather, you can be standing against the agendas of death and see Me do miracles for you as you keep on standing. Remember you are on a miracle journey and are able to bear witness to My ability to deliver, to provide, to open doors and shut doors as it pleases Me. For this, give thanks and praise.