I speak unto you this day and I say that it is true that the people of this earth will be adopted into one family or another. That is, they will be adopted into My eternal love family, or they will be adopted into the devil’s demonized family of the damned who are hell-bound.

There are multitudes who will be adopted into the family of the damned because their deeds are evil, and they do not want the light nor the life that is found in My eternal love family. Know that such ones as these are full of all manner of wickedness because they have chosen to be adopted into the family of the damned, and the consequences of such adoption are ugly, for they are taught to hate, to steal, to lie, to cheat, to commit adultery, to be involved in abomination and all manner of degradation.

Those who will choose My eternal love family will do so by acceptance of Jesus Christ, My Son, as their Savior and Lord. When people believe upon Him as their Savior and Lord, they honor Me, and they are given the potential to become My sons and daughters and able to live their lives in the way that I ordain and provide.

It is through the way that I provide that people are enabled to have love, life and light, because I will give to them the same. I absolutely do not want any person to go in the wrong direction after they have been born again of incorruptible seed. It is My intention that they would realize beyond a shadow of a doubt that to serve Me is to be alive and renewed each day.

Know that I do not leave them alone. I sent them My Holy Spirit that they could adhere to the same and be directed and instructed in the way that I intend and purpose for them. While the damned are guided by demon spirits, My people are guided by My Holy Spirit, and the same will prove to be the very counselor who will unwind their minds when the demons attempt to throw confusion on them.

Do not look to any other god and think that you want adoption into the family of the same, for all other gods are dead, and their so-called attributes are nothing but demons who are weaving their deceptions around people as a web that will hold them in captivity. Be aware that I do not call you to captivity. I call you to clarity and the hope that I give to any and all who believe upon My Son and follow the Spirit’s directives and commands.

Reality is simply that all people will be adopted, and in that adoption will be shaped and formed for their eternal destination. Because of the truth of adoption, they will adhere to rules and authority of the Holy Spirit, or they will adhere to the lies of demon spirits.

I do not want you to be adhering to the agendas of the damned in any way whatsoever. Therefore, if you regard yourselves as true believers in Me, then let it be My ways that you embrace and adapt yourselves unto. As My people, you are intended to pattern yourselves after Jesus, who is the pattern Son and the One who is the obedience fulfilled and the One who is righteous before Me.

Be glad even now that you are not of the company of those who go in the way of the wicked and grow more and more accustomed to evil and adapt themselves to the same. As you can plainly see, the devil’s agenda in these times is to sweep as many souls as he can, through his demonic forces, into the sea of iniquity, where they will be swept under and drowned by the violent waves of death that are sweeping the world at this time.

Be aware that when the wicked are in rule, there is no way to ever escape their animosity and hatred for anything or anybody that represents My righteousness and My standard. You are not meant to go seeking for the depths of darkness; you are meant to be seeking for the light that I provide.

Strive to serve Me each day in the attitude of gratitude and let the Spirit of adoption grow in you that you are fully cooperative and adapted to My standard and My intentions for you. Be thankful even today that I am the One who has given you the inward guidance and outward directives that the Holy Spirit gives to keep you in My covering. Remember that I am your Heavenly Father and My covering is for your eternal good, and My intentions are that you would make your final abode in My family as you learn the love that is in the same.

However, there are limits as to who and what I am willing to tolerate, and I do not want My people tempting Me to ventilate My wrath upon them. It is because when I adopt children into My family, I absolutely do not want them to be as the prodigal son, who wasted all he had received, then finally returned to his father. How much better, as those who have been adopted by Me, that you are thankful and serving with gladness and rejoicing, not flirting with the world and all of the corruption of the same.

In these times, far too many who claim to be Mine do not have their eyes on Me, nor are they walking in respect towards Me. This is because they are too busy living in transgression and violation, because they have eyes full of adultery and are lusting for the world. Such as these are repulsive to Me and need most desperately to repent and return to Me as their Heavenly Father.

Do not be as the foolish children who abandon the way of life and go after the way of death, for in hell they will be tormented day and night by their own words and choices against Me. Be the children who are thankful to be adopted into the divine love family and, as united believers under My covering, are glad to have Me as their Father and to be redeemed by Jesus.