The Eternal Father in Heaven

I speak unto you this day and I say that I am the Eternal Father who makes My abode in the heavenly dimensions. It is Me who wants you to remember that you always can call upon Me, and if you do so in need, I will hear you and answer you. I do not want My people to imagine they must rely on and reach out to the arm of flesh to help them. Rather, I desire that My people would hearken to My Spirit and obey the same.

In obedience to the commands of My Spirit is My life to be found. Those who move in union with My desires as made present by the Holy Spirit will always be in divine union because of their obedience. Likewise, those who are refusing to be in obedience to Me are in estrangement towards Me, and this is because of their choosing to disobey and grow increasingly more rebellious in their thoughts, their actions, and their hearts.

The world at this present time is gorged on rebellion and disobedience, and people are dying and going to hell by the multitudes because they have chosen in opposition to Me rather than for Me. It is stupidity to choose to damn one’s own soul, yet multitudes are just that dumb. The demons that are ruling them convince them that they are smart for their mistreatment of Me.

As any can plainly see, people are crashing into hell by the multitudes, and it is because their hearts are so far from Me. If you consider how many are ending in hell, the numbers are increasing daily. Needless to say, there are many people who have no direction, no correction, and no destination. They wander in isolation from one another, from My people, from Me and My Son Jesus Christ.

Be thankful that you can serve Me in the attitude of gratitude because I am the One who does care for you and who brings you forth by a plain path, day after day. It is only as you continually look to Me as your Eternal Father that you are enabled to partake of the many mercies that I delight to give to you each and every day.

There are vast numbers of children who grow up in these times with no father figure in the home, or else multiple boyfriends of their mothers who are abusive towards them. Many have resentment towards the absent father as well as the live-in fake fathers. Because of this, these ones have a difficult time relating to Me as their Eternal Father in heaven. However, I have given to them one mediator, and that is My Son Jesus Christ, who offers to them forgiveness for their sins and reconciliation to My eternal love family.

Keeping this in mind, consider it a privilege to believe upon Me and to come forth in the way that I give, for it is the purpose for which you were created and brought forth. I am well aware of the sufferings, the hurts, the damages that have been done to children, and I love to see them come into the light through Jesus My Son. It is a pleasure to Me to see those who have a fallen countenance become glowing with the power of My Spirit upon them.

Therefore, be glad even now that you are enabled to look to Me and know that I am the One who wants you to rejoice and give thanks for the others who receive My Son and are by the same forgiven and reconciled to My eternal love family.

As one considers the tragedy of the transgender agenda and the trauma that the same brings upon children, it is only too obvious that the devil and his demons are still operating under the same old agenda. That agenda is and will always remain the same: kill, steal and destroy. Because of this, I want My true people to let others know of the redemptive mercies found in Jesus and to understand that He is My Son.

My intention is that He is the first born and that others would follow His example and come forth as sons and daughters who are obedient unto Me. Be glad this day that you do not need to walk afar off from Me and be caught in the agendas of destruction and have blood on your hands. Rather, you can be bold to declare the truth of salvation as the call goes forth to any and all who will hear and obey.

Be knowing that there is no other way that people are redeemed, for My way is perfect. When people are declaring that they are perfect, they are proud and continually calling attention to themselves. Before Me they are abomination because they are so proud. I do not want you to be so headstrong as many are in these days. I want you to be glad to come forth knowing that My way is perfect.

Be aware that while people are paying oblation to imaginations as to the value of earthly fathers, consider the ones who have no fathers or many fake fathers. They are alone and hurting and in need of the love that I have for them as is manifested through My Son Jesus. Therefore, be quick to reach out on a day like this and let them know that I do care for them and that they can come to Me through Jesus, who loves them and is My mediator and the One they can trust, believe and hope in even now.

If you have the benefit of a good earthly father figure, give Me thanks and praise for that. However, do not neglect to pray for the lonely, the hurt, and damaged ones who have been subject to many cruel and abusive fake fathers and have never had true love given to them. As the opportunity arises, witness to such ones as are desolate, that they can be redeemed and given reconciliation to My eternal love family by and through Jesus Christ, My Son.