Your Tongue Shows You Up

I speak unto you this day and I say: Be aware that your tongue shows you up where you are, in the sense that you praise Me, then you backbite and devour your brothers and sisters in Me. Why is this? It is because the tongue being a small member can explode in words that are hellish and damning. I do not want you to be yielding your tongues to the devil; I want you to be yielding your tongues to Me, for I alone am your God and the One you are meant to please.

Therefore, be slow to anger and hold back your tongues from criticism of those who are of the household of faith, not judging according to your own opinions. I absolutely do not want you to be as those who are quick to point out the errors in others, yet fail to see their own shortcomings.

Be fully aware that everyone has those things that may not be pleasing to someone else, yet if I have chosen that person, then they are pleasing to Me because they are fitted in the body as is pleasing Me. Sad to say, so many times My people yield to fleshly criticisms about one another without considering that I am aware of every person: what they are, and what they are not. I absolutely do not want you to be absorbed in what it is that others are saying and doing. I want your attention to be directed to Me as the One you are meant to report to as your Commander in Chief.

In these times, many of those who are declaring that they are Christians have no personal integrity of character because they backbite and devour, loving the tasty morsels of gossip more than My Word. Senseless it is to look at such ones as capable of battle. They are not. This is because they have not learned to keep self under control. Rather, they are ruled by fleshly lusts and temperaments, which distract them from the reality of My intention.

At the present time, many of those who should be sounding the alarm as watchmen on the wall are not. This is because they are too busy watching the exhibition of the freaks of this age and giving approval of the same, or else enjoying the drag queens and all of their filthy and perverse actions displayed before children.

When you consider the abominations that are sweeping the land, it is utterly foolish to think that any gets by on Me. Yet the majority of those who are standing against the flood of evil are not even of the mainstream churches, who are too busy playing and partying with the world. Such behaviors are an abomination to Me because they are out of hell and have nothing to do with My kingdom.

In the days that My Son lived and walked among the religious Jews, He found the same levels of hypocrisy and pretension as are present in today’s church. Far too many want only to wear the mask of religion, while their hearts are far from Me. Such ones as these are a shame unto My name and a grief to Me. I do not find pleasure in those who are play-acting at religion while their hearts are so far from Me and diamond hard in rebellion.

Know of a surety that I hold everyone accountable, and those who have made a show of religion while siding with the world and the wanton careless behaviors being exhibited in these times are doubly accountable. When people are using the name of Jesus Christ in vain by living in fellowship with the world, I find no delight in them.

They speak forth words of death continually because they are in tune with the world and the evil content of the same and have no fellowship with Me. I do not want you to be found in such a debauched state of being; I want you to cleave to Me and know that My way is perfect, spotless, and not defiled.

Be glad that you do not have to wallow in the mire of sin and carry the stench and filthy mire of sin on you and in you. Rather, you can adhere to Me as the One you love and serve each day. Rejoice and be glad that My way is high and holy and that it is intended for you. When you see how important it is to keep My standard, then do your best to proclaim that standard to others by the way that you live as well as your words.

Therefore, know that through Me you are made hopeful and helpful, for I am the One who gives you the strength that you need and stirs the faith that you have within you. Be glad that you can step back and really see how sad the condition of the world’s people is at this time.

Yet, those who are professing to be Christian are not helping the wretches who are so bound in wickedness, for they are approving their sins and insanity rather than reproving and correcting them. So those who are spiritual wanderers are left to wander in desolation and darkness, and the ones who are meant to be a lighthouse to them are preferring the darkness themselves. This is because far too many of those who are claiming to be Christians are literally Christless.

Thank Me that you are being guided daily by My Spirit in the way that I intend and provide. I do not leave those who will follow My Spirit’s directives to wander in desolation and darkness. Rather, they are given the light that they have need of on the path in the midst of darkness.

Although there is great darkness at this time, I insist that My people have the light that they need to be directed in life rather than death. Use the power of words spoken by your own mouths to be giving thanks, praise, honor and glory unto Me, for I am the One who is well able and inhabits true praise.