Nations Are a Mere Drop

I speak unto you this day and I tell you: Remember that I am the God of the universe and that all nations are a mere drop before Me. When I destroy nations for the evils they have done before Me, I still make the way for the ones who love Me and cry out to Me.

Keep this in mind, for you are living in a time when multitudes are wandering after the beast and become beastly as they do. Of course, I am thoroughly disgusted and sickened by the sins of many nations in these times. However, consider that I do not tolerate the evils that are being committed forever.

The time comes when nations that were once considered great are brought down by My hand and remembered no more. Realize that the nations are a mere drop, and while the perspective of men is limited, I am not limited. Keeping this in mind, do not consider yourselves as citizens of any nation, for you are My people and your citizenship is in heaven.

When you are clinging to Me as the author and the finisher, you are brought forth by a plain path, for My Spirit will lead you in the same. Count it a privilege to be redeemed and to be brought forth in the straight and narrow way, that you are not involved in the world’s sins and transgressions.

Consider that there are multitudes who have gone a whoring from Me and ended in the ditch of despair that will cause the death and damnation of their souls. I do not expect you to follow the dictates of men and women who are crazed by power lust, for while they imagine they reign supreme, they do not. When they reach the zenith of their power lust is when I move and bring them to naught. I allow them to see the very things they thought they controlled tumble before them to show them that they are mere human beings and have no more authority over Me than an ant living in an anthill, or a fly buzzing around seeking to land.

As you hear of the great “distress of nations,” do not be worried over the same, for while the foundations are shaking because they are rotted out by sin and governed by sinful and wicked leaders, be aware that I the Living God am shaking the whole world at this time. Those nations that have become rotten to the foundations and will not repent can expect to fall and be destroyed by the very rebellion against Me that they have given themselves unto. Be notified that I do not allow rebels in heaven, and the ones who are deluded in their drunkenness are of course nothing but reprobate fools who have gone in the way of damnation.

Be thankful each day that when you are serving Me you will be enabled to see that there is no other god who remains, nor are the nations lasting forever. Even now, you can see the remnant of those nations that once were powerful and invincible. Now they are nothing and long forgotten. There are some existing relics of the nations destroyed, yet even what those relics stood for cannot be remembered as there exists no one who knows. Those doing research can only speculate as to the meaning of relics left over after destruction and devastation because of wickedness.

Be serving each day in the attitude of gratitude, for it is Me the Living God who will bring you forth in the way wherein you are kept and protected by Me, the One True God who remains supreme and is sufficient for all who trust and hope in Me. While I punish the wicked, I do not want you to be afraid. Rather, I want you to trust and stand upon My Word and realize that I am the One who delivers My own.

During these times, more than ever, use the faith that I have put within you and speak forth the words of life as you pray in faith, believing Me above the circumstances. Remember it is always darkest right before dawn, and out of the death of decayed nations will come forth the new life that I give to the new nations that I will raise up.

Yes, there will be peoples who have never heard of Me who will be set on fire with the news that Jesus Christ My Savior can and will forgive their sins. My Spirit will likewise guide them forth and direct them in My way. Therefore, do not grow weary and worn, but rather be intensely moving onward, knowing that you can trust in Me and that, no matter how difficult things appear to be, I will always make the way, for I am the way.

It is not My intention that you would look at the collapse of nations as meaning that you are to collapse. It is My intention that you would look at the collapse of nations as the time for new nations. When you contemplate on how exciting it is when a new baby is born, so is it exciting when I birth nations that will honor Me. Therefore, even though I am telling you the truth about how I punish the wicked, remember it is Me who will and who can bless the just who keep trusting in Me and standing on My Word.

Thank Me even this day that I am the author and the finisher, the beginning and the end, the One who is triumphant and will lead you forth from victory to victory. Do not cave in to unbelief and fear, but rather rejoice that I am the One who will direct you through My Spirit. Keep on believing, and you will keep on receiving from Me. Keep on praying, no matter what the enemies are saying, and you will prevail through Me.

I can and I do open doors that no man can open, and I have called you to be My ambassadors. Thank Me that you have many good things ahead as you believe and trust in Me. Rejoice to see the new day dawning upon nations I bring forth.