None Can Hide Their Sins

I speak unto you this day and I say that no sins committed upon this earth are hidden from Me. When men, women and children think that somehow they get by with their sins, they are deceived and deluded. Know for a surety that My eyes go throughout the earth and I am well able to tell what all are doing, for I am the omnipresent God.

Likewise, I see the ones who are in sins, yet are crying out to be delivered from those sins, and I send My Spirit messengers to them to guide them to salvation through My Son Jesus. Because I am the God of mercy and judgment, I give forth what it is that people are deserving in these times.

When I see the ones who are perverse and intense on committing all manner of wickedness, know that I do not give them My approval. Such as these are under My wrath and they cannot escape the same. It is Me who is releasing plagues and calamities upon them, and they deserve exactly what they get. This is because they are the ones who are choosing the depths of wickedness and participating in the same. They are persistent in their abominations and deviations, and they are of a surety full of all manner of perversity and they love it so.

For such as these, know that I have contempt because they commit the very sins that brought on the great flood in the days of Noah. Because of their atrocities and abominations, they become a perpetual target of My wrath, fury and indignation, because the way that they are choosing only invites My reaction to them.

Why not be thankful that you are kept from such ones, for I do set My people apart from those who are so blatantly and persistently evil, and I keep the ones who are Mine. Those who are headstrong in their rebellion and have refused repeatedly to repent, love to flaunt their so-called freedom before those who are young and impressionable. This is because they want to contaminate and permeate children and youth with the same wickedness that they are in, and bring them under the yoke of demonic bondage that is taking them to hell.

When I the Living God do behold such ones as these, no matter where they are, no matter the nation they live in, they are a disgust to Me and I am not impressed with their positions in the cultures of humankind. I set My arrows against them and they are wounded repeatedly for the overt corruption they exhibit openly and proudly. It is Me the Living God who is just in My wrath and the display of the same.

Be aware that I do punish such wicked ones both in this life and in the life hereafter. They will come under the agonies of the damned, and many pains, affliction, incurable diseases, and mental torments will plague them both night and day because they are the ones who are an outright abomination and they will be left in desolation and despair.

Therefore do not be moved by false human compassion for such ones, because they are literally ruled by the devil and are performing the deeds which demons tell them to do. Make it your practice to follow the commands of My Spirit that you are not deceived by the cry for pity that demons will put forth through the people they inhabit.

Realize that there is a continual war for souls, and you must have the discernment and the commands of My Spirit in order to keep from falling under deception and false compassion. Make it your everyday practice to clearly state that you are not involved with those who are persistent in rebellion and abomination, and that you are in no way approving their acts and actions.

This is the time that My true ones must stand and keep on standing for the truth. As you stand, you will be made more and more aware that the demon forces have launched their filthiness and perversity at entire nations and are aiming to destroy generations of children by the same.

Again, I will remind you that I have destroyed nations for their abominations and I likewise sent the great flood in the time of Noah because the people had so yielded themselves to demons. Because Noah was righteous, only he and his family were spared. However, in these times, I am not sparing families, for each person will be judged by what they do and what they don’t do.

Those who have wasted their time and paid no heed to Me will find themselves on My bad side because they did not cherish Me but cast Me aside. So will they be cast aside, for they will reap what they have sown. Be aware that I am not mocked and I return to people multiplied what they have chosen either for Me or against Me.

Those who have chosen against Me will reflect the habits of laziness and non-concern because they are too busy pursuing self-interest to pay any heed to Me and My purposes for them. Likewise, those who are outrageously and blatantly wicked will reap the rewards of their wickedness, multiplied and returned to them. Know of a surety that no one escapes Me, even if they imagine that they do. Such imaginations are nothing but foolish and have no relation to My way.

In order to move forward in My way, it is imperative that you come forth ever knowing and understanding how important it is that you obey the commands that are given to you through My Holy Spirit. I will spare the remnant who gather and fellowship with Me because they are loving Me and not their own ways and their own desires. Thank Me that you are saved to serve.