More Plagues for the Wicked

I speak unto you this day and I say that I the living God have more plagues prepared for the wicked. They shall not be able to hide what I am doing to them, for the same shall be obvious to all who have any interactions with them. This is because their bodies shall be covered in stinking, rotting sores for which there is no cure. The stench of them will be unbearable to others and even to them.

Because of the abominations they have committed in My sight, I find them to be utterly repulsive and disgusting. Inasmuch as they have treated Me with utter contempt and have sought to utterly destroy the messengers that I have had to cry out against their abominations, I will render My vindication on them. When men and women are turned over to a reprobate mind, they are capable of abominations that have come up out of the bottomless pit, for they are mastered and controlled by demons.

These worthless reprobates spend their time doing and imagining new forms of evil which they delight in. Inasmuch as they have not retained Me in their conscience, they are destined to suffer the agonies of the damned in this life and in the life hereafter. While they have the delusion that they get by with all of the wickedness they invent, participate in, and exhibit, they will not get by on Me.

It will be more than evident in this life that they are under My wrath, for the sores that they will be consumed and covered in will carry the stench of death and rottenness. They are rotting, and parts of their bodies will even deteriorate to the degree that they will fall off of them. Because they are unclean, they are not to be allowed among My people, and no matter how much the wicked scream and rant, do not accept such ones into your midst.

I do not turn them over to the reprobate mind that rules them until they have proven themselves to be utterly filthy, vile, and hateful towards Me and My true people. There will be Christians who are unwilling to discern between good and evil, and they will advocate the agenda of these freaks. However, they will find themselves sorry, for these ones will prove to be hideous. The stench of their rotting flesh will actually drive away people from churches instead of drawing more people in as sympathizers.

I do not call men and women to be freaks. I call them to be sane and upright before Me and to walk in the way of My righteousness. Those who willfully defy My standard and pursue the defilement of their bodies, their minds, and seek to contaminate others, will prove how unclean and vile they are. Therefore, do not think it a strange thing that I will plague them and plague them with the manifestation of their rottenness. Those who will make it their cause to sympathize and side with these ones will likewise be plagued, for they are participating and approving that which is abomination.

While it gives Me pleasure to show mercy to the repentant, it is also very necessary that I openly display My wrath upon the ones who imagine themselves to be the vanguard of a “new world order.” The new world that they are pursuing is nothing but total confusion and delusion, because these ones are driven by demonic powers that will cause them to end in insanity and filthiness, not knowing who or what they are.

I do not expect My true ones to be bowing to the agendas of the wicked, no matter who or what they may think they are. When leaders become so reprobate as to approve such wickedness, they too will find themselves in hell throughout eternity. There is no way that men and women can continually mock Me and the standard I have given for men and women to live by, and be acceptable to Me.

Do not be enticed by any of the threatening, seducing or beguiling invitations of the wicked to join up with their agenda. The truth is that their agenda is the agenda of death and damnation of souls. Rottenness is only too obvious, and even rich unapproachable leaders will suffer from the oozing sores that will not be healed.

Consider how utterly miserable it is when the entire body is covered by sores that cannot stop rotting, oozing and bleeding, and carry the stench of death. It does not matter how expensive the medical treatments they will receive. They cannot be relieved or cured, because they are under My wrath and the plagues they undergo are sent by Me.

Be thankful this day that I have never called you to be around such as these and that you are meant to be a separated people who are holy unto Me. The more that you walk uprightly, the more that you will be glad that you are not a partaker of the complete and utter filthiness that is so obvious amongst these ones who are literally freaks.

While they exhibit and reveal their nudity and perversity, all they do is draw more attention to themselves, yet they cannot stop the plagues that are obviously upon them. As they continue in their insanity, you will see some of them who will try to kill others because they are in such pain and frustration caused by their deviation and abomination.

You are not meant to look upon them with compassion. You are meant to see them for what they are: utter fools turned into freaks that can find no peace, nor rest. Weary and worn, torn and tormented, demented and scented by death, these freaks will be tormented throughout eternity by the fact that they chose to deviate.