Multiplied Miracles, Not Lying Wonders

I speak unto you this day and I say: Do not be fearful in these times you are in, for it is Me the Living God who intends to send forth multiplied miracles to counter-assault the lying wonders sent by the workers of darkness. Therefore, keep in mind that I reign supreme, and as you listen to the commands and directives of My Holy Spirit, you will know and understand just how miraculously I move.

The devil on the other hand attempts, as did the magicians of old, to present lying wonders to deceive those who are failing to be perceptive of what is actually happening. By deceitful demons, people are motivated to evil rather than good and are believing in the lying wonders to be supreme.

However, when My Holy Spirit moves, such are revealed to be the deceptions they are. Be glad even this day that you are not subject to demons and all of their attempts to grab souls and suck out their lives in Me. Thank Me that you are not deceived by magicians and all of their tricks and deceits.

As you remember, in the days of Pharaoh, none of his magicians could stop the plagues that I sent upon the wicked leader and his people. No matter what they did or what they said, they just could not retrieve or relieve the Pharaoh from My wrath because he would not let My people go.

In these times, there are many wicked rulers who are oppressing My people and using all manner of magical manipulations and lying wonders to keep My people in bondage and cruelty. However, remember that I am stronger than any force of darkness, and as you are trusting in Me, you will not be made ashamed.

It is Me the Living God who will always be the God of miracles, and those miracles are the representation of My power and glory. I am the One who rescued My people from Pharaoh by the hand of Moses, My prophet. It was I who performed the miracle of the Red Sea, and no one has ever been able to disprove that miracle, and My people did escape through the dry land in the middle of the sea. When Pharaoh’s army attempted to use the same path of dry land, they were swallowed up by the sea and drowned in the waters.

It is Me the Living God who will give to you never-ending miracles. As you continue to believe, so will you receive. Therefore, do not be worn down by the outrageous evil of these times, but realize quite clearly that I am the God who is your deliverer. Had not My people been in desperate need, they would never have been partakers of the miracle at the Red Sea. By the utter desperation of their situation, I did the miracle that they needed and I likewise destroyed by drowning the Egyptian army that pursued them.

Do not give up in exhaustion as you have been in hard labor and continual agitation by the enemy forces that want you dead. Realize that you are never alone and that I hear you when you cry. Those Egyptian soldiers were proud and sure that they could murder or recapture My people to return them to slavery. However, they could do nothing against My people, because I did not allow them to bring harm to My people, and they in turn died in their blind rage and pursuit of My people.

When weariness would try to defeat you and depress you, realize that I am your strength, and by My miracle power you can receive the miracles that I give and see your strength renewed as the eagles. That is, you can soar above the plots of the wicked and prevail because I give you the strength that you need. While the workers of darkness are plotting and scheming, you will be made aware of their evil intentions and able to see Me prevail over every plot whereby they seek to devour you.

While the enemy roams around roaring as a hungry lion, do not fear him, for I have pulled out his teeth through My Son Jesus, who has rendered the devil to be a toothless lion who can only roar. You are not intended to live in fear; you are intended to live in faith and pure confidence in Me, the One who does endure throughout all generations. The powers of darkness exhibited through the wicked leaders in these times will not remain standing when I give the command to bring down their kingdoms.

There has never been a kingdom that can stand against Me and prevail. Throughout the ages, kingdoms have been destroyed by My hand for the evil they committed under demon powers. Of those kingdoms, very few are even remembered as time passes.

However, My kingdom remains supreme and there is none like unto Me, and those who trust in Me will see multiplied miracles, for I am able and willing to help all who cry out to Me in their need. Be admitting and confessing that you need Me, and I will be near to you. Absolutely do not hesitate to demonstrate that I am the One you look to for multiplied miracles, because when you fall upon Me, I am invincible and enduring forever and ever.

Truly contemplate the fact that the earth and all that is in the same, as well as the skies and the waters and all that are in them, have been brought forth miraculously by Me. No one else can claim to be the Creator. It was by Me and My Son that Adam and Eve were created and added to the creation we had set before us as our handiwork.

It was intended that they would live in the Garden of Eden I provided to them and obey the commands they had been given. However, by seduction and deceit, they fell and suffered for their transgression. But through Jesus Christ My Son, miraculous salvation exists!