Hospitality: Welcome to Heaven or Hell

I speak unto you this day and I say that I the Living God do extend to you the welcome to join Me, My Son and My Holy Spirit in heaven. On the other hand, the demonic forces want to welcome you to hell. Therefore, be aware that every day the enemy forces are extending hospitality to any and all who will be blind enough to accept the same.

How much more should My people be willing to extend hospitality to those who desire to visit them and make the same feel welcome? Therefore, do not hesitate to entertain strangers, for in doing so it may actually be My angels that you are entertaining.

I desire that My people would make it their practice to extend hospitality towards others who believe in Jesus and know Him as their Savior and Lord. I likewise desire that My people would extend that hospitality even to those who are unknown to them if the Holy Spirit prompts them to do so. When the Spirit is preparing the hearts of men, women and children to be presented with the gospel message, be willing to extend to them the welcome, the invitation to come and drink of the living waters.

Consider how many are lost and perishing. Some of them truly desire to live another way than the sinful ways they are in. To such as these, be willing to not only testify to them of the way of Jesus, but be willing to welcome them into My way, which is eternal life. Do not look at the outward appearance of people and judge them by the same. Realize that in these times people are rotting because they have been fed rotten food from the world and demonic forces and consequently reflect the food they eat.

There are multitudes of people in these times who, although they live in the nations that once knew of My kingdom, do not know of Me nor My Son. In My eyes, they are blind, dying, and perishing in the troubles and cares of this life as well as the sins that so easily beset them. To such, be willing to extend the message of redemption and likewise welcome them into My family, wherein they are meant to abide.

Do not be as the hypocrites who refuse to extend the hand of mercy and tell the needy to “go their ways and be warmed and fed” when they have no food or are in need of shelter. Of course, there are the ones who will never convert and believe. These use the Christians as their target to get what they want to meet their physical needs. Then these wastrels will continue to go onward in the way of their own deceptions.

Know that I do not call them to wasted living; they are under the power of demons. Such as these, while they imagine they get by with their ungrateful and wasteful lifestyles, they do not, for every time they have lied to My people, their own words will stand against them in judgment. When they die unrepentant, the very lies they used to manipulate will torment them in hell.

The reality is that it is Me the Living God who desires that My people would be the true reflection and representation of My kingdom. When it is Me that they are representing, I welcome any and all who will hear and obey the call to repent and come to Jesus as Savior and Lord. When souls hear the message and come to My Son, they are given the invitation to be adopted into My great universal love family.

Be thankful this day and serve Me in the attitude of gratitude. Do not selfishly hoard what I have done for you, but rather be willing to share with and to care about others. As you are giving according to the directives and dictates of My Spirit, you will understand that inasmuch as the love and forgiveness that you received were given freely, you should do likewise towards others.

When you were needy, desperate, lonely, isolated, depressed, frightened, did not I send My Spirit messenger to you to lead you to the living waters that you now drink of so freely? I say that I did. So, keeping that in mind, be willing to give forth the bread of life to any and all. The seeds that you sow into others will not all die, for some will bring forth in time an abundant harvest in terms of human souls redeemed from hell.

I do not find pleasure in My people when they lock up their bowels of mercy and choose to live selfishly, and become unwilling to consider others who do not have the benefits of salvation. The truth is, people are saved to serve, that is, to be faithful servants of My kingdom and progressing to become My sons and daughters to whom I extend the greater responsibilities because they have proven themselves worthy.

As you remain in the attitude of gratitude, you will not be locked in the realm of carnal, self-centered believers, who only use the mercies that I give for the promotion of their own lives and lifestyles. Such is a terrible place to be bound, for it is the antithesis of My kingdom and a total misrepresentation of My intentions for My people.

When My Spirit speaks to you, obey the same, and as you do, so shall your eyes be opened to see the mass of humanity who are crying out to be delivered, to be helped, to be saved from the penalty of their sins. People in these times are as desperately needy of salvation as the most remote and heathen tribes to which missionaries went at My Spirit’s prompting. Therefore, continue to lead them out of the darkness they live in. Show them the hospitality that you have received in My great universal love family.