Consider the Consequences

I speak to you this day, declaring that it is very important to consider the consequences of your choices at all times. There are many who are careless and do not ever think about what they need to consider. As reality moves on, they find themselves in situations that are unpleasant and of course hard, because they did not consider the consequences of their choices as well as their actions.

As My people, I admonish you to keep under the covering of My Holy Spirit and to not abandon the path you are meant to walk in. When you will keep your vision single unto Me, then you are uplifted, guided and directed forth in the way that I intend, the way that is eternal and everlasting.

Many, however, have stopped listening to My Spirit and have yielded to the voices of demons and gone in the way of destruction and damnation. It has become the mode to assume that I no longer exist and therefore no one needs to follow the “old paths and the old rules.”

Consequently, there are generations who are being taught to believe that they can do whatever they want, whenever they want, and nothing matters. However, that absolutely is not true, for it is imperative that people know and understand that it is very important what they do and what they don’t do, as well as seeing that there are consequences to their choices that are lasting.

If you consider the situation of King David, he was honored by Me because he was a man who started out humble and obedient unto Me. However, the time came in his life when he made some very bad choices and did not clearly consider the consequences of the same. In his choosing to look upon Bathsheba while she was bathing and not consider that she was another man’s wife, he made his future choices according to the lust that was stirred in him by her beauty.

Then he compounded those choices and did not go out with his troops. In that decision, he listened to demons rather than My counsel. The consequence was that he called Bathsheba to his chambers and committed adultery with her while her husband had gone to battle.

Then, she became pregnant with child as a consequence of his sin. Then, he added sin unto sin by directing that her husband should come back from the battle field and be with his wife. Her husband refused to take leave of the battle and return, and consequently there was no way that David could pass the child off as belonging to her husband.

Subsequently, David, driven by demons, chose to have her husband taken to the forefront of the battle and be killed. King David still did not face his own sins and went on to add sin unto sin because he wanted to cover the choices he had made rather than repent and fall upon My mercies.

The story goes on, as one tragedy after another came and his sins were visited on his son, Solomon, who had the most uncontrolled lust for women of any king in the history of My people. Solomon even worshiped the gods of the heathen women he had lusted for and secured for his possession. Quite obviously, there were many sad and lasting consequences of David’s wrong choices and his failure to consider the aftermath of his lust.

I do not desire My people to be driven by demons; I want them led by My Spirit and willing to lay aside their desires and lusts, whatever those may be. It has never been intended that My people would be yielding themselves to the pressure of demons, it has been My intention that My people would be yielding themselves to My Spirit and obeying the same.

Through My Spirit, My people are given the ability to discern between good and evil, and I want them to choose for good, not evil. If they will do as I desire, then they are enabled to live on fire for Me. Likewise, if they choose to neglect the discernment that is given to them and go according to their own understanding, they will yield to the old carnal nature and find themselves overwhelmed and overtaken by demons.

Each day, be serving in the attitude of gratitude, for as you do, you will see that it is meant for you to be thankful, for I am good to you. Be glad that you are redeemed and not caught in the devil’s schemes. As you are relying upon Me, you will know and understand how important it is that you are where I want you and doing what I want at all times. Do not ever discount how important it is that you are steadily looking to Me as the One who cares more for you than you can understand.

Know that I am the One who has given My Son that whosoever believes on Him will be redeemed. Likewise, those who refuse to believe upon Him are damned already because they are choosing to believe the liar and his lying demons. Those who continually listen to demons will do the deeds of wickedness that will consequently end them in death, damnation and hell. The reality of hell forever with no cessation to the torments and agonies of the damned is a horrid future for any and all who make the wrong choices and refuse to repent.

Be thankful that it is Me who gives to you the opportunity to repent and return to Me as the One who has given you My Son. The more that you will face accountability and responsibility for your choices, the more you will see and understand that I Am the Eternal. Therefore, do not be as the foolish who make the wrong choices, refuse to repent, and burn forever in hellfire.