Truth Triumphs over Lies and Liars

I speak unto you this day and I say: Be ever thankful that you have received the truth. Know that it is Me the Living God who does give to you the victory over lies and liars. Be thankful that you do not need to be subject to the delusions and confusions that so many are covered by in these times.

It is My intention and desire that My people would cleave to the truth and by the same be continually uplifted, guided, and brought forth in the holiness that I want My people to walk in. However, if My people are adhering to the lies of the liar and listening to the demonic input of the same, they grow weak in their faith in Me. If they continually listen to the lying spirits, then they grow far distanced from Me and are put in the place of destitution and despair. Then they too become liars and are accusatory towards Me.

I want you to be fully aware that the warfare for souls is very intense in these times, inasmuch as the enemy forces are rampaging in their efforts to destroy the remnant who have remained true to Me. While the forces of darkness have coerced multitudes into the folly and foolery of modern thought, you are to stand strong for the truth. As you maintain your stand in Me, you will see that yes, I am the One who is well able and I do keep those who remain steadfast in their faith in Me.

Be thankful each day that you have been given the privilege to be redeemed. By that privilege you will find that I am the One who keeps you in the perfect peace I alone can and do provide. When it is Me that you are looking unto, you will find that there is much joy which I will give to you. You will be enabled to partake each day of the source and strength I alone can give to you.

Therefore, in this wayward and perverse generation, realize that ancient demons are at work, and those spirits bring on mass confusion, delusion and madness. Many who come under the spell of such forces will end in premature death from suicide, others from medical procedures and treatments with deadly drugs.

It absolutely is not My intention that My people would prove to be foolish. Rather, it is My desire that My people would ever be partaking of the truth, and consequently triumphant over the lies and liars. Those who stand for the truth will find that I am with them because they are not giving in to the modern madness that is the vogue of these times. Neither are they partaking of the utter confusion and circle talk which is no new thing.

Some go round and round in the circle game because they have not stood upon the Rock, which is Jesus Christ, My Son. Instead, they have set their footing on shifting sands, and the same will take them down until they find themselves in the quicksands from which they cannot escape. What for some starts out as a silly amusement and mockery of what is real, becomes a deadly reality from which they cannot escape.

As you are standing valiant for the truth, you will see that I give to you triumph after triumph because you are not collapsing to the lies of liars. As you well know, in order to extract souls from the bondage of the demonic powers, the true warrior for My kingdom must stand and keep on standing. This day, be thankful that you are not intended to go down; you are intended to go up and to deliver the ones who are captive slaves to ancestral demons that have held generations in the prison houses of lies.

Remember, there is no force that is stronger than I, for I am supreme and I reign over all the forces that want to see My people persecuted, prosecuted, and put in prison on the basis of lies. As the ones who are true to Me continue to stand, they will see that I give to them the enduring strength that they need. They are enabled by the same to stand against every force that would want them brought to naught.

Throughout the ages, the wicked one has promoted his intention to kill, steal and destroy through multitudes who have been subject to his insane covering. In the accounts of history, it is made evident that when any people are led so far from Me as they are being led in these times, their end is destruction and of course damnation.

Do not face your days with dread. Face them with praise and thanksgiving because you are redeemed and purposed for life rather than death. As you follow the orders of the Holy Spirit dwelling within you, you are being guided on the highway of holiness. You will see how important it is that you take every opportunity that is given to be praying, praising and preaching, for in the same you will find My presence.

I do not want you to be a people who are overwhelmed. You are meant to be a people who are in triumph over the forces of darkness because you are in the light and are providing the salt to preserve what is left of godliness. Be glad that you through Jesus have the power to deliver captives, and they too can be triumphant over the forces that once had them bound.

Realize that you are My army of deliverers, and it is My intention that you labor without ceasing at what I call you to do. Even though the world is as the sea of iniquity, throw out the rope of hope, which is Jesus Christ, and give the drowning their last chance for survival.

As you are thankful for your own deliverance, you will see the need for others to be delivered likewise. The life you have now is because of the power in Jesus’ name that someone used to set you free. Likewise, use that power to free others!