Extinction Looming

I speak unto you this day and I say: Be notified and aware that there are still many troubles on the horizon for those whose hearts and lives are estranged from Me. In these times, multitudes are being easily coerced into deeds of iniquity and abomination by the demon forces that are continually bombarding and launching their attacks against humanity.

Because of the lack of true witnesses, multitudes have chosen to be in separation from Me. They’ve gone after those things that are literally producing freakish results and manifestations of darkness in human bodies. The demonic pressures are growing more and more intense, as multitudes of those who have claimed to be My people have not stood valiant for the truth.

Because of the cares of this life and increasing worldliness among those who are claiming to be Mine, they are weak in their faith and unwilling to stand strong for Me. Instead, they have given themselves over to excuses and justifications for their sinful idolatry and neglect of their first love. Their hearts have grown cold towards Me because of their involvement with the world.

I do not call them to such a state of being. It is they who make the wrong choices and end up in such a mire. The reality is that, because of the failure of My people to put Me first, they are choosing to be losing and taking themselves down the road to captivity to the mind of demons. This is because they have rejected the mind of My Spirit and gone after the mainstream media indoctrination. Because of their spiritual slothfulness and dawdling about their lives in Me, they have opened the door for the generations to come to be utterly godless and extinct of the true knowledge of Me, My Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Inasmuch as the world has gone completely insane, My people are meant to be the salt and the light. When they fail to fulfill their purpose, then every evil enters in to kill, steal and destroy. Of course, the victims of the invasion are the children, both now and yet to be born. Consequently, by their disrespect of Me and their abandonment of the truth, they have taken up the folly and the insanity of worldliness.

It is a sorrow and a grief to Me that multitudes of those who have professed to love Me have been boasters who were literally putting on a pretense of love for Me, while their hearts were far from Me. Know that I do not find pleasure in such ones, because they have proven to be pretenders only concerned with their own lives and not the promotion and the preservation of the true gospel.

Do not by any means fall into the traps and snares that so many are finding themselves in, because My intention is that you would be guided by My Spirit and enabled to discern between good and evil. You are not meant to be easily deceived and led into the way that is demonic by the cunning craftiness of demonically inspired messengers.

Be thankful that you do not need to be a part of those who will stand before Me and find themselves guilty because they did not withstand the onslaughts of the evil powers and failed to be doers of My Word. Know that such as these are found unacceptable because they are walking after flesh and ignoring the Spirit.

Those who are satisfied with the here and now and achieving what they want to be comfortable in the flesh, are ignoring what they could have had in the realms of My Spirit had they followed the same. When you see with your own eyes the tragedies that will befall the dull, the dumb, the lazy, be fully aware that those things have come to them because of their own choices and deeds.

As My true ones, do not weary yourselves with the foolery and the vanity that is found in this wicked world, for the end of the world’s stupidities is death and it will always be so. You are not called to be of this wicked world; you are called to be of Me and of the kingdom that does remain. Therefore, count it a privilege every day that you have been redeemed from the clutches of your own carnality, the world, and the devil and his demons.

It is indeed a wondrous miracle to believe upon My Son Jesus and repent to Him, and be redeemed and adopted into My glorious family of love. Then, as members of the true love family, you are able to be prompted to deeds of righteousness and mercy rather than deeds of wickedness and selfishness.

As the ones I call My people, keep your first estate, that is, choose Me above any other thing, person or place. The more that you honor Me, the more that you are honored by Me and given the victory instead of being the victims of the brutality of enemy forces. Keep steady in your confidence in Me and you will see repeatedly that there is no good thing that I will ever withhold from you. I want you to maintain fidelity in your relationship to Me that you are kept in truth rather than being swept up in the demonic delusions that hold vast multitudes in captivity and bondage.

Do not be shocked at the degrees to which the mockers and scoffers will go in attempt to denigrate My standard and humiliate themselves and others in their delusions and confusions. While they pretend to be so self-assured, they are really vexed, tormented, and controlled by the very forces of hell that want to drag them under into death, eternal torment, and agony as the damned.

I do not call you to damnation; I call you to rejuvenation and celebration because you are Mine and have eternal life in heaven ahead.