Multitudes Breeding for Destruction

I speak unto you and I declare: Do not listen to those who are making light of what I the Living God am doing at this time throughout the earth, for it is Me the Living God who is manifesting My wrath, fury and indignation at this time in order to get men, women and children to wake up and repent. However, the majority will not, for they are breeding with demons, all to their own destruction and damnation.

When people have grown as they are in these times, so caught up in the activity of demon powers and are loving the same, they will find themselves completely unable to do anything except sink deeper and deeper into the mire of sin. Multitudes are covered in the filthiness and slime of sin, both inwardly and outwardly, and some do not even realize that there is a higher, a better way wherein they could walk and find their peace with Me.

Take a good look at the overall condition of the nations and you will see that My hand is raised against them because they are listening to demonic direction and instruction. Believe Me, when I brought the great flood in the time of Noah, it was because of the same abominations and debaucheries that you are seeing manifest in these times. The peoples of those times made light of Noah while he was building the ark and warning them of My sore displeasure with their actions. They mocked and scoffed him and acted as though he was insane as they went on in their wretched wickedness.

However, the time came and the waters descended upon the earth, and they all were drowned in the same. They were unable to save their lives and the lives of their children, and so they perished. However, the demonic powers that drove them were scattered throughout the earth, waiting for human bodies to host them once again.

Be aware that you are living in times when it is only too obvious that those demon powers are very much present in multitudes who have allowed themselves to be overtaken and overwhelmed by such evil spirits. Inasmuch as those spirits have infiltrated the social and cultural traditions that are current, many are waxing bolder and bolder in evil. Such are of course setting themselves up by their obvious disrespect for all that is good and righteous. By their choices for wickedness, they will be taken down under the rage of My wrath, fury and indignation.

While the false messengers will drone on and on in their delusions, they will not face the realities of My judgment side. Instead, they are falsely claiming to be My messengers and all the while they simply go after the vanities and the stupidities that are so common and prevalent in these times. Then they declare that I love them and everyone else who is partaking of worldliness rather than godliness.

By their syrupy sweet presentation of Me, they draw those who do not want to forsake their sins into the web of deceit that they themselves are in. These liars will mock and scoff at My true messengers and say that they are insane and hate messengers. Know that these fools will meet with the same destiny as did the wicked mockers in the days of Noah. They will be taken by My wrath.

Be serving Me each day in the attitude of gratitude that you do not need to be taken in the delusion, the confusion, and the madness of these times. It is not My intention that My people be deceived; it is My intention that they would be wise as serpents and harmless as doves.

Therefore, do not be wearied by the world and all of the foolery of the same. Instead, be rejoicing that it is by My Holy Spirit that you are being led forth in a plain path and given My light upon the path. More than anything, know that I am the only true source of light, life and love that remains throughout all generations, and you can rely on Me.

I gave My Son Jesus to the world that men, women and children would hear the message to repent and obey the same. When My people will obey, then they are enabled to come forth in the way that I have purposed them for. That way is the higher way and represents My kingdom as it comes on earth, reflecting the way of life in heaven.

Be aware that I do not want those who desire Me to be giving way to the impulsive powers of demons that only want to cause them shame and blame and take them far from Me. It is My intention that My people continue to listen to My Spirit and by the same be kept and guided in the way that is life. I do not intend for My people to ogle the world, nor listen to the world’s false news, for both will entice them into the deceptions that bring destruction and damnation.

Why not develop your relationship with Me and prove to be vessels of honor rather than vessels of dishonor? Be glad even now that when you adhere to Me you will be praising Me for the goodness, the mercy and the truth that you receive from Me. I do not want you to eat of the unclean food of the world; I want you to eat of the soul food that I give, which benefits your spiritual life.

Far too many who claim to be Mine are not diligent about their relationship to Me. Instead, they are full of the vanity and insanity of these times, and are disrespecting Me along with the heathen. Be forewarned that you must pay heed to what you allow to influence your thoughts and your actions. Do not take up worldliness. Seek for godliness and be blessed.

Reality is, you are not meant to be a breeding ground for demons. You are meant to be a breeding ground for people who will repent and live godly.