Confidence in Christ Brings Safety

I speak unto you this day and I say that I desire you to keep your confidence in Christ, for He alone is the One whom I have given as your Redeemer. He is the One who has redeemed you from the penalty of your sins and put you in right standing with Me. As you stay steady in your confidence, your faith, your trust, your hope in Jesus, you are not made ashamed. You are being led forth by a plain path and given all that you need.

There are endless multitudes who have put their confidence in everything and everybody, and they have not kept their confidence in Me as their Creator. They have turned to the ways of the world, the gods of the heathen, and they have taken up idols and brought curses to themselves.

I definitely do not want My people to be worshiping idols; I want My people to be true to Me. If you consider that I am the One who is indeed well able, why should people turn to idols, which are dead, when I am the God who is living? Those who do turn to idols have been blinded by the god of this world, who is the devil. In turning and choosing apart from Me, they are proving that they love darkness rather than light. This is because their intentions, their goals, and their doings are evil.

Those who have turned to other gods have taken the road to death and damnation rather than the road to life and salvation that is provided to all who will believe upon Jesus. When men, women and children become involved in the world and the utter darkness of the same, they do nothing for Me. This is because their hearts are full of darkness, iniquity, foolery and stupidity. They go after those things that cannot give them safety nor keep them in the day of adversity. Because they are choosing in opposition to Me, I find no pleasure in them whatsoever. To Me, they are an abomination, and have offended Me greatly.

Before Me, those who attribute their creation, their lives and their provision to animals, to birds, to mountains, volcanoes, waters, etc., they are stupid. They have turned aside from Me as their Creator and gone after that which is the creation. I never intended for men, women and children to be bowing to the idols that are the fabrication of people’s imaginations, which are inspired by demons.

When I am offended by their disrespect towards Me, I have every right to vindicate My wrath, fury and indignation with them. Believe Me, I do not find any pleasure in them, and they are fools before Me. Consider how any parent would feel if their children told them that they came from frogs or lions or lakes or trees.

Any parents who were in a sound mind would be offended by such declarations. If the children were young, they would patiently explain that such was not true. However, if the children were older and spewed forth such nonsense after they had received godly instruction to the opposite, then those children would be considered rebellious and contentious.

Although such ones seek to justify themselves, they cannot be justified before Me. In My sight, they show themselves up to be the fools that they are, and I do not find pleasure in them in any way whatsoever. Those who are contending against Me are contending against the truth and proving how totally inadequate they are because of their false assumptions. When people are assuming themselves to be righteous in themselves, such is pride. I do not protect the proud; I leave them to their own defenses, which are useless.

Do not be found with those who are continuing to exhibit their pride while they are trusting in themselves. Those who are doing so will find themselves unable to stand against My wrath, fury and indignation if I choose to ventilate the same against them for the evil they choose above Me.

As My people, you are required to keep your vision and your hope single unto My Son, for He is the One I have provided as the anchor for your souls. You are not meant to be drifting about uselessly like the world’s people on the sea of iniquity only to drown in sin and be damned. When My Son anchors you for a time and a season, do not think that you must pull up the anchor. Trust that He knows exactly what you need, for He receives His directives from Me and the Holy Spirit makes those known to you.

As you are keeping your confidence in the right channel, you will not be washed away. Rather, you will understand how much you need to be steadfast and unmovable, able to abound in the way that I intend. Reality is that My intentions for My people are good, not evil. Those who have known Me then turn aside to the gods and the ways of the heathen, are basically calling Me a liar by their choices.

None of those who do belong to Me will be able to make the declaration that I am a liar. I am not a liar; I am the giver of good things. All who will keep clear in their relationship to Me will understand how important it is that My people remain faithful and true in their commitment and confidence towards Me. Do not ever imagine that I find pleasure in liars, for they are doing the work of demons when they utter lies, especially lying accusations against My people.

Be thankful even this day that through My mercies you can stand against the lying messengers and not bow to their tactics of accusation and slander. Stay trusting and confidently hoping, and you will see the accusers and slanderers brought down, destroyed by their own lies.