Classified Information

I speak unto you this day and I say that you are privileged to be My people and to receive the classified information that I give to you through My Holy Spirit. When you are abiding in My Spirit, you are open to receive information that is not available except by divine revelation. It is by My Spirit that My people are able to perceive and receive those things that are not commonly available to those who are not under My covering.

Be aware that I intend that My people would walk each day in the light of My Spirit and enabled to perceive and receive the truth that I give to them each and every day. As My people are receiving the truth, they are being made wise by the same. My people are not meant to be dull and dumb, nor are they meant to be driven by the demonic spirits that rule the world.

The conditions of humanity in these times are for the most part dreadful and deteriorated. This is because most have been under and receiving the instructions of demons, and they love it so. I do not want you to go under such ugliness and treachery as they are in. You are meant to perceive and receive the wisdom, knowledge, and understanding that I give to you each day and to rejoice in the same.

The people of the world are intrigued with all of the dramas and traumas that demons lead them into. However, they gain absolutely nothing from the same, for they are bound in trespasses and sins. Even if they think they know better, they do not, for they are bound by pride and self-esteem. Whenever and wherever people give way to pride, they are being ensnared and operate in the realms of falsehood and delusions.

Inasmuch as the world is under My wrath, fury and indignation, I do not want My people to be involved with the same. This is because it is My intention that My people would be purposed, guided and instructed in the way that I intend and provide. Therefore, do not be hasty to believe every thing that you hear in these days, for the world is full of lies, delusions, schemes and plots of every kind. You are living in a time when there are endless tactics, schemes and plans by endless groups who are vying one against other for power. People driven by demons have gone mad in their desperate desire to be in control and to have the upper hand.

The consequence is that they are being driven into greater and greater corruptions and they are pursuing the wind, for when they die, none of their achievements of power and domination will be able to buy them out of hell. Instead, the endless crimes they have committed to gain control will stand before them, and they will be condemned by the same.

It is only by My Spirit that you are being led forth in the way wherein you are given classified information day after day, and by that are led forth in a plain path. Actually, the classified information that is given to you by My Spirit is far above and superior to the world. By the classified information that is given to you, you are guided and directed in the way that is superior, and shown things that the world’s people never perceive nor receive.

As you are serving in gratitude, you are enabled to go forward and be forewarned by My Spirit of the innumerable number of schemes and plots that are ever present. There is much contention, disturbance and disruption in these days because multitudes are warring to gain the power and domination over the multitudes. World militaries and governments are full of all manner of classified information regarding strategies, tactics, weapons, peoples and lands.

All of such interactions and reactions are nonsensical because they realize not that I the Living God am all powerful and it is Me who reigns supreme. Through Me, nations are raised up and pulled down, and they are but a drop in the bucket before Me. There is no way that I intend for My people to be caught up in the world’s traumas, dramas, and power schemes.

It has not ever been My intention that men, women and children would be so easily deceived as they are in these times. Yet they are the ones who have given themselves repeatedly to the world’s covering, and the same is nothing but gross deception and destruction.

As you are walking under the guidance that is divine rather than demonic, it will become clearer and clearer to you that you have no need of those things that men and women of the world esteem to be so important. As you are steady and faithful to Me, of course you will be on the “classified information” lists of governments. This is because they know you are Mine.

However, the world’s people are not true to each other. Even though they claim solidarity, they do not have the same. When pressure is put upon them, they are full of lying, cheating, and scheming one against another. The so-called friendships they have quickly fall away, and there is nothing left but the absolute wretchedness of their own existence and their inability to change the same.

Be thankful that it is Me the Living God who gives you the strength to stand, and as you do, you are ever being uplifted, guided, and directed forth by a plain path and given the hope that is found in Me. Know that My classified information is far above and beyond the shackles of this present world. You absolutely are not bound by the wicked, nor do you need to fear them, for they are destitute of the truth and headed to hell.