The Wrong Foundation Brings Damnation

I speak unto you this day and I say: Be fully aware that I want you to be building on the right foundation and not the false. There are vast multitudes who have built on shifting sands, that is, according to the commandments of men. They are deceived and are believing that what they have been told by men is right.

However, when those men die or are removed from their positions because of their own sins, their foundation shifts as though they had built on sand. Many lose their “faith” when they see the sins and frailties of mere men. Then they become disillusioned and do not seek after Me. Rather, they turn to sin and partake of the same because their hearts are so far from Me.

I do not intend that My people would build on false foundations which only bring destruction and damnation. I desire that My people would be built on My Son, for He is the solid rock that will hold up and endure throughout the ages. When My people will follow the instructions of My Spirit, they will be directed and commanded how to build. Be thankful that through Me you are enabled to build according to the standard that I have intended, and to be partaking of the strength and security that comes by the right foundation.

Consider how many are hopelessly lost in these times. They have lost any vision for living and are literally, though alive in the flesh, dead in the spirit. This is because they have nothing stable on which they can rely. They drift from one thing to another, not able to motivate themselves.

In such a condition, they are easy prey for the demonic powers looking to find hosts to live in. These demonic powers motivate them in the way that will prove to be destructive, and they will find themselves in destitution and despair by the same. They become unable to secure their daily needs, being content to lie on the streets in homeless and helpless depression.

These are times when it is only too obvious that I am bringing forth My wrath, fury and indignation on the nations and the peoples who have forgotten Me. When people have been given all that they need and they have refused to be near to Me, they will find themselves desolate and empty. This is because they have sought after worldliness rather than godliness, and have abandoned themselves to the futility that will bring them to ruination. Do not imagine that I want this. They choose this! Then they are the ones who have invited and who continue to invite My wrath upon themselves and their generations.

It is indeed total stupidity to go after other gods and take up the practices that have brought ruination upon the peoples who have followed and still follow such gods. Those who worship idols are dumb because the gods they serve are not living. Therefore, any instruction or direction that they assume they receive from such gods is nothing but demonic input and is purposed for evil rather than good. Such a foundation can do nothing for them because they are not building on the solid rock that I have provided.

There have been endless peoples, tribes and nations that I have destroyed because they chose to do evil rather than good. Because of their wickedness, I brought down My wrath, fury and indignation upon them, and their end was of course destruction. Know that they are remembered no more and their abode is forever in hell.

My standard does not change for the modern generations. I absolutely do not intend that My people would go in the way of the world, nor do I intend for them to build on shifting sand. I have provided My Son Jesus, and He is the solid rock foundation. Because of who He is, all who build on Him are building on that which is strong and everlasting. These will not be swayed by the changing morals that are entirely immoral before Me, nor will they be deceived by their own carnality and going after the vanities and vexations that the world has to offer.

The more that My people serve each day in the attitude of gratitude, the clearer their vision will become, because they will be enabled to see that My way is meant for them to walk in and partake of. Likewise, by My Spirit’s commands, they will be building on the foundation which is eternal and everlasting.

It is foolish to build on any other foundation and to imagine that I will accept the same. Those who have been taught by mere carnal men to follow their directives have been given a false foundation. What they have built is not stable, but is continually altered and changed according to the ambitions and lusts of those in power. They have declared themselves to be experts, but their declaration is according to their own declarations and estimations.

In My sight, they are fraudulent and a misrepresentation of My kingdom and My standard. Consequently, they are covering multitudes in falsehoods, lies, and idol worship that is unacceptable to Me. Be thankful that you do not need to build shrines and altars to dead gods and think that the same proves your worth. I do not want My true people to be steeped in the delusions of religion. I want My true people to be guided by My Holy Spirit in the relationship they are meant to have with Me.

Thank Me that I have given to you Jesus Christ, who is the solid rock, the foundation that is righteous. As you are building in cooperation with Him, you do not build in vain, for it is not your house but Mine!