Rebels Resisting Righteousness End in Wrath

I speak unto you this day and I say that those who are resisting My righteousness are literally setting themselves up to receive My wrath. With that wrath will come many sorrows, plagues, disasters, health issues, economic distresses, continual despair and depression.

Those who believe in themselves and their own righteousness are trusting in the lies of the carnal mind. The carnal mind is enmity against Me and despises the mind of My Spirit. This is because My Spirit is the One who is given by Me to those who believe upon Jesus as My Son and have repented of their sins and are being brought forth in the power of repentance. They will know and understand that it is not My intention that they would resist righteousness, but rather seek to be made righteous in the image and likeness of Jesus, the pattern Son.

There are multitudes in these times who are under My wrath, fury and indignation because they have chosen against Me and gone after the ways of the world and the demons that motivate the same. Because of their absorption and belief in the world system, they have been overwhelmed and overtaken, and likewise trapped in systems of death. In such captivity, it is made evident to them that they are far from Me and what I had intended for them. These do not give Me joy, nor do I find pleasure in them, because their hearts are not with Me at all.

Be aware that pride comes before a fall, and when I have spoken and people trample My standard in order to take up the standard of the world, what they are literally doing is inviting My wrath to come upon them, and it will. Why should you be under wrath when you can daily allow My Spirit to search your hearts and lives and direct you in accordance with My will and desires for your lives?

The more that you see what becomes of those who are rebels resisting My righteousness, the more that you will choose to adhere to My standard rather than going in the ways of the world, and the more you are pleasing Me. Do not imagine that it is okay to go along with those who are putting themselves above Me and boasting continually.

Proud boasters who are obviously rebellious are a shame to My name. This is because they are so stupid, dull and dumb. That is, because they have bought in to the devil’s lies, they are making assumptions as to their own righteousness. Such assumptions are wrong because they are in agreement with the very forces that I intend to expose for what they really are.

If you want to boast of anything, boast of Me, for I am the God who has goodness, mercy and lovingkindness prepared for the ones who are steadily looking to Me and believing, for I am indeed well able. The more that you declare that you believe, the more you must put the faith you have into action. By the same, you will show that I am the One who has given to you the infinite treasure that is only found in and through Jesus. When I sent Jesus in to the sin-sick and overly religious ones who were My people in those times, I sent Him to proclaim repentance.

Some listened and obeyed, yet the religious leaders of those days wanted only to keep themselves in the way that proved to be profitable for them. They were basically rebels resisting righteousness and wanting to keep their perverted power over the common people. Although the priesthood knew My laws, they did not keep those laws, yet they demanded that the people keep the law and not deviate from the same.

Be glad that you do not have to carry the bondage of guilt that comes upon rebels for their resistance towards Me. Those who are professing a form of godliness yet are denying what I want of them are hypocrites. I do not want My true people to be corrupted by the rebels who are continually resisting Me in order to have what they want in this life. Those who are rebelliously resisting Me are inviting their own sorrows, and all of their actions are a grief to Me.

Be alerted to the fact that when multitudes choose for resistance against Me, they are choosing wrath as their continual cup. They will be drinking daily of that cup then wanting to draw attention to themselves for their miseries. However, consider that if they are reaping those miseries because of their rebellion towards Me, they are only getting what they have chosen. Therefore, do not let your hearts give way to human compassion and think that they deserve pity. What they get is what they deserve, and the truth is they have invited My wrath upon them and they are being served the same.

As My true people, be alerted to what My expectations are. My expectations are that you would adhere to the truth that My Spirit will lead and guide you in. Then you are to declare that truth and the standard of the same to others. When you are faithful to do as I desire and require, you will not be popular with people, but you will be in right standing with Me.

Far too many of those who have declared that they are My messengers are as the religious leaders of Jesus’ pilgrimage on earth. They are right in their own eyes, but their hearts are far from Me. They take advantage of My people and use them for their own gain and their own fame. In the end, they cause others to rebel and resist My righteousness and end up in despair, depression and damnation.

Be glad that you can continue in righteousness and be found in the company of the redeemed because it is Me you serve.