I speak unto you this day and I say: How few people there are who give thought to their eternal destination. While multitudes end up in hell because they did not consider eternity, the devil loves it to be so because he has convinced people to live only for the here and now.

Of course, in such an undertaking, the here and now means sinning up a storm with no thought for the hereafter. As a result of such behaviors, hell becomes the prison house in which sinners are eternally kept. There is no end to their sentence, for once they have been sent to the prison house of hell, there is no way of escaping the same or being discharged out of hell.

I want people to plainly take thought for their eternal destination and consider that their choices will end them in hell if they refuse to repent to Jesus My Son and change their ways. There are endless multitudes who love to sin and sin, and they are made miserable by their sins, yet they are ensnared and enslaved to sin.

I absolutely do not find pleasure in them, for they prove by their actions that it is not Me that they love. Those who are continually choosing for sin and despising My righteousness are proving that they are not worthy. This is because their sins have separated them from the righteousness that I require in those who will prove to be true to Me.

There are many people who are destined to damnation because they have chosen the same. While some imagine that they get by, they have been blinded by the god of this world. I absolutely do not call you to be blinded by the god of this world, and you must keep away from his deceptions. Be aware that the devil’s delight is to kill, steal and destroy.

By such means as he can conjure up, the devil is always up to evil, and his intentions are vile and corrupting. Therefore, do not ever think that there is good to be found in the devil and his demons. There is nothing but rottenness and wickedness to be found in the devil and his demon forces.

When you consider that the devil has been a murderer from the beginning, be glad that you do not need to listen to the devil. Rather, you can adhere to Me as your Maker, your Keeper, your God. Be assured that My Holy Spirit will absolutely not lead you in the way of destruction. Rather, My Spirit will be ever present to guide you in the way that I intend and provide. As you will walk in that way, you will find that your desires will be for the eternal destination of heaven, not hell.

When you hear people declare, because they are under the covering of the devil, that they are going to party in hell, know they are stupid and dumb because they have chosen to be believing in death and damnation rather than life and salvation. Every day, people are faced with new choices and those choices are very important, and it is imperative that they should choose according to life rather than death.

Those who are born to lose, or so they claim, are making that choice and literally setting up situations that take them that way. I have never intended that My people would be in such situations, and it is My desire that they allow themselves to be led forth and guided each day in the way that I have intended and provided for them to walk in.

Be thankful each day that you are not destined to damnation. The more that you come to the revelation of My Spirit’s guidance over you, the more that you will understand fully that I AM who I say that I AM. You can fully trust your lives each day to Me. Do not be preoccupied with the future and live in fear and dread of what is before you.

I do not want you under the yoke of bondage to fear, dread and anxiety. Those things are not meant to keep you so bound that you cannot possibly walk in the way that I intend for you to walk in. Keep in mind that through obedience to the commands and directives of My Spirit, you are being guided through the dark and dangerous world that is ever present and wanting to devour the ones that I have as My own.

It is indeed a good thing to realize that by My power you are given exactly what you need and the strength to overcome every obstacle that the enemy would desire for you to be in bondage to. You are not called to bondage; you are called to be shown that I am indeed well able and that it is Me who can and will break every chain that wants to hold you down. As you use the power that is given to you through My Son Jesus as the One you are to follow, you are made aware that through Him you can prevail.

Prevailing over every force will give to you all that you need, and you will find that I am indeed the One who wants to lift you up higher and higher into the blessedness that is found in My kingdom. Do not destine yourselves to lose; destine yourselves to win through Me, and you will see that the power of My Son’s Name is yours to use.

Therefore, prepare to testify of Me at all times and to live the life you proclaim in Me. Allow the light that has been put within you to shine forth, and others can see that your destination is higher than theirs. When some people get the revelation of their own darkness, then are they ready to go forward in the goodness that is only found in and through Me. For every soul who asks you of what you have, tell them of your destination, which is heaven, and your determination to climb the mountain to reach the same.