Malicious Monster Defeated

I speak unto you this day and I say that the war is continual because of the devil, who is a malicious monster. He is constantly and stupidly trying to undermine the power that is found through the name of My Son Jesus Christ. By much futile and spiteful maneuvering, he is continually attempting to bring to ruination those who are serving Me.

However, he will find himself defeated over and over, because My Son defeated the devil by His obedience unto Me during His earthly journey. I absolutely do not want My people to be defeated. I want them to be victorious because it is Me that they are serving and in obedience unto. Be thankful this day that through adherence to the commands of My Spirit, you can see the serpent’s lies exposed and his wickedness made evident.

In these times that are ever present, most people are not spiritually alert and alive, and the ones who are following demon spirits are imagining themselves to be enlightened, yet they are not. This is because they are under the auspices and the control of demonic spirits and are channels for the same. By their captivity to the commands of demons, they serve in futility and uselessness. Their end is destruction and damnation of soul, for they served darkness and evil rather than the light.

Such as are under the rulers of darkness are literally slaves commanded to do evil. As they are following such commands, they find themselves helpless and useless in the end, and then they face hell fire forever. Their degrees that they earned on earth in the universities of evil determine the punishments and torments they receive in hell forever.

Those who are My people are not intended to give their loyalty to the devil to any degree. Rather, they are meant to stay true to Me as the One they are meant to serve. When My people get eyes full of adultery and listen to the monster, they are setting themselves up for deception and corruption. Do not lend your ears to the lying spirits that want to mock you and cause you much anguish and suffering.

You are not meant to be subjecting yourselves to the torments and agonies of the damned by choosing against Me. You are meant to stay true to Me at all times and be subjecting yourselves to Me. It will be made evident to you that I am the One who so abundantly provides you with mercy, goodness, and expert direction, as well as needful correction. Be glad that it is Me that you can serve with gladness and rejoicing each day, for to serve Me will bring goodness into your lives.

There are endless multitudes who have gone after foolery and folly and ended in the clutches of the malicious monster and his demonic forces who cause many to end in premature death. Do not take on the ways of the world, but rather take on what I desire for you, which is truth, light, love and life. As you are led by the Holy Spirit into greater degrees of trust in Me, so are you entrusted with more and more truth.

It is pleasing to Me when you are daily serving Me in the attitude of gratitude, for I am the One who does give to you exactly what you need. I never ask for My people to take on more than they can bear. In fact, My Spirit will lead My people step by step in the pathway that I have for them to walk in. Be thankful that you are being guided and are not walking according to demonic input, but rather are guided by My Holy Spirit.

There are in these times vast multitudes who have gone after the world and the vanities and stupidities of the same, who have been turned over to a reprobate mind because of their repugnant behaviors and abominable sins. It is because of their choices that they are separated from Me, and I want no part of them.

There are many in these days who have grown so cold of heart towards Me that they are constantly trying to prove that they are superior to Me and that their thinking is perfect and their behaviors acceptable. Know that the same is an absolute lie, for they are not at all acceptable to Me. In fact, they are repulsive to Me, and I am thoroughly disgusted with them.

It is indeed a sad thing when people deteriorate to the degree that caused Me to destroy all people except for Noah and his family in the Great Flood that happened in the days of Noah. Yet you are living in such times when those who are motivated and controlled by demons are given endless opportunities to disperse their insane notions and behaviors on vast multitudes of children.

In these times, evil is considered to be good, and good is considered to be evil. Those who are standing for Me and My kingdom principles are being put to shame because of the fact that they are not consumed by the insanity and stupidity that are the mental mode of the day. People are unable to differentiate between the precious and the vile, and they are giving themselves over more and more to the sins that damn.

I do not want their damnation; THEY do, and they are determined to go to hell by their actions of sinfulness and their hateful reactions against the upright. It is indeed a good thing to know that you can be dependent upon Me, for I am the One who has good things prepared for the ones who walk uprightly and keep their hearts set on Me and continually seek to serve Me with their whole hearts and souls. Keep hoping and looking to Me, both now and forever. Then you, as the children of My kingdom, will end in heaven.