Trusted or Busted?

I speak unto you this day and I would ask you: Do you want to be trusted or busted? There are multitudes in these times who make the loud declaration that they love Me, yet their deeds do not reflect the same. This is because they have chosen to go a whoring from Me and to take up the ways of the world and act out the same. Such ones as these are a shame to Me because their hearts have been hardened by their own lust for the forbidden.

It is not My intention, nor will it ever be, that My people should choose to worship and partake of the ways that the world’s people go after, yet they do, then they try to claim that it is Me that they love. However, before Me they cannot be trusted, for they are double-tongued and double-minded. Those who are double-minded are unstable in all their ways, that is, they are pursuing darkness rather than light, and they are loving the deeds of wickedness more than the deeds of righteousness.

Such as these will definitely find themselves busted down by Me, for I will pour out My wrath upon them and their lives will become a constant misery here on earth because of their own choices. Day and night, they will be under torments and the preview of the agonies of the damned, because of their fickleness in their so-called commitment to Me as their God and their Maker.

When you hear of them in their ugliness, be aware that they are not meant to be released if they do not seriously and sincerely repent and revolutionize their own lives by choosing to live for Me through My Son Jesus Christ. Such ones who do not pay the price that I require will in no way acquire what I have for them in terms of mercy and restoration. Instead, they will be kept in the throes of My wrath being poured forth day after day upon them and even their offspring.

You are living in times when many fools have intentionally strayed from Me and gone after the sickening sensuality that is the mode of the day. In such, they have wallowed in the filthiness of the mire of sin, only to find themselves being sucked down deeper and deeper into the same. All the while, their hearts are hard and their minds covered in double-minded instability.

These are holding to the misconception that they can easily be returned to My presence and partake of My mercies and glory, without remaining faithful. The sad thing is that they are foolish children, and oftentimes they die prematurely in the midst of their folly and are consequently found bound in hell.

It is not the time to play games with Me or My Son. Nor is it the time to imagine that anyone who simply puts on the outward display of conversion is truly converted. Sad to say, many who want to act as though they are converted are actually perverted and want to twist everything in reference to relationship to Me to give vent to their own lustful intentions and imaginations.

I absolutely do not want My people to be hung up in trusting the world and the darkness of the same. I want My people to be seeing quite clearly that it is Me that they are meant to love, serve and obey each day, because I am the One who is desiring them to be true to Me. When My people will turn from the worldliness that has tried to render them helpless by making them slaves to sin, and return to Me, they are meant to keep steady and faithful to Me.

I find pleasure in the ones who see clearly that the miseries that they suffered in their worldliness were not what I intended for them, nor will they ever be. This is because I do not find pleasure in the ones who are with Me one day and gone the next. I want a people who can be trusted and who will remain faithful and true to Me as the author and finisher of their faith and the One who wants them to enter into My kingdom here on earth and remain true to Me by obeying My Spirit’s commands to them.

I absolutely will not accept rebels into My kingdom, and those who are going after rebellion are following after the darkness and desperation that will only bring them to the end of damnation.

Each day, serve in the attitude of gratitude, and by the same show that you can be tried and come out trusted because you maintain your integrity with Me and do not walk afar off. It is very important to realize that I am who you need and that as you make a conscious effort to serve Me, then you will comprehend clearly that you need all that I have for you.

As you are constant in your commitment, you are trusted and able to be used by Me for My purpose, which is important, for it is the manifestation of My kingdom, which is the higher way. Be ever dedicating yourselves to the purpose that I have for you, for that is the very reason you were created to fulfill. When people are infected by the enemy to believe that they can find their own way, all they find in the end is that they have been deceived. Those who have known Me and turned to the ways of the world and the practices of the ungodly are busted down by My wrath upon them because they cannot be trusted by Me.

Be thankful each day that you can serve Me, obey Me, and be trusted by Me to do as you are intended. By such, you are laying your independence down and operating in the best insurance plan around, partaking of the assurance found in the same, because everything you do is done in Jesus’ name and making use of the power and glory of the same.