In Memory Of

I speak unto you this day and I say: How desolate, shallow, and without meaning are the world’s days of oblation to whatever cause or purpose they are intended for. There are multitudes who take on the so-called holidays as the world would dictate and use them as an occasion for debauchery, defilement and degradation.

When you truly consider what the world does to commemorate certain events or happenings, such is absolutely worthless as time passes, because there is no righteousness left in remembrance. Rather, such days are used for intoxication and all manner of sinful activity.

While the representation of certain days is meant to be “in memory of,” the truth of the memories is lost in the treadmill of iniquity that people automatically give themselves unto. I do not call you to such foolish behaviors as transpires on such days. Rather, I call you to rejoice that you can be uplifted, directed and guided each day by Me.

When you are considering how far the traditions of humanity have deteriorated, it is sad to face. There are multitudes who are swarming to pursue the course of their own sinful agendas, and now not only are days set aside but even months. During such months, some will parade in lewdness to further their causes of perversion and wickedness.

How tragic it is that humanity is so quick to gravitate to that which is wickedness and at the same time throw off that which is righteousness. I am thoroughly disgusted with how far people in this nation have deteriorated and disintegrated into filthiness and perversion, giving themselves over to every demon force that comes along. It is a shame to Me, because I have honored the nation in times past more than any other nation because there were so many who walked in righteousness before Me.

However, in these times, multitudes have deteriorated and taken the course of their own destruction, and in the same they are greatly cursed and likewise damned. I never intended it to be, yet by their choices, multitudes have gone the way of fleshly lusts rather than walking soberly before Me. It is very possible that if the majority do not repent and return to Me, what was once considered the “greatest nation on earth” could become no more than a “has been” and a place that people point to as in memory of what was.

It is Me the Living God who can destroy nations and raise nations up, and when nations become so proud and blatantly sinful as is being evidenced in these times, I have every right to utterly destroy the nation, and it will be no more existing. I have indeed been patient and sent My Holy Spirit repeatedly to plead with souls to turn to Me. However, the majority have chosen against Me and gone after the foolery and the vanity that is so common. As they have rebelled against Me time without number, so have I sent increasing measures of My wrath to awaken them to the reality of how vulnerable they really are.

It does not bring Me pleasure when people are so determined in sinfulness and iniquity that they are descending deeper and deeper into the very realms of hell in their misrepresentations of life. As they are striving to draw the youth into the very cesspools of iniquity, there is no end to the depths of degradation they will exhibit and attempt to promote as perfectly legitimate.

Likewise, the wicked are boasting themselves as though they remain forever. There are fortune seekers who are making great gain off of the demented who are strutting and boasting of their atrocities as though there is no tomorrow. Little do such fools realize that I am quite capable of utterly destroying them and bringing them to naught. Repeatedly, it has happened throughout history that many nations have come and gone and souls perished under My wrath against them for their sins.

I absolutely am not mocked, and those who are thinking to mock Me are absolutely insane. You are living in times of national madness, and the same is a disease brought on by demonic influence and control. When the wicked are in rule, the righteous are greatly grieved, as am I. Even now, there are those who are in right standing with Me who are crying out to Me for souls who are on the brink of death and damnation because of their sins. These ones are aware that the hard headed, proud and defiant ones who are in control of the agenda of death are as likely to be destroyed as were the people of Sodom and Gomorrah.

In memory of the days when the righteous outnumbered the sinful, so do those who are remaining righteous cry out to Me to bring forth the increase of the revolution to return to righteousness. This is because quite obviously, far too many are already dying from the ravages of sin, and the infections are spreading. How long can this go on and I the Living God do not take action? Be aware that when I have had enough, I am quite capable of bringing forth total and complete destruction to the vile who believe they will live forever.

Be therefore alerted and activated to the fact that when the wicked have reached their summit, I the Living God can destroy the very mountain on which they stand. The righteous who are crying out to Me will be spared. The rest will become nothing more than what once was, because they will be only a memory that was ugly, perverse, wicked and destroyed.