I speak unto you this day, My people, and I say that I desire you to be uplifted in determination to follow hard after My Son Jesus. When you will make up your minds to follow in His steps at all costs, you will find yourselves uplifted in the way that is My purpose and plan. Do not be as the doubleminded, the unstable, who want things to go their way and grow angry and accusatory towards Me when they do not.

There are many things that people do that are not in accordance with Me. When they do those things, they become a grief to Me, because they do not make up their minds and determine that they will finish their course in Me and complete the race that is set before them. Those who are with Me one day and with themselves the next are highly unstable and undependable. Because they have not learned or refuse to learn to deny the rantings of their old, carnal nature, they are forever wavering.

Those who are wavering cannot be depended on in times of trouble and difficulties because they are lacking in total commitment to My purpose and plan. These have eyes for the world, and easily listen to the devil, who will entice them to walk afar off and follow after the stupidity that will cause them many self-induced sorrows.

I do not want you to be unstable and untrustworthy; I want you to be in the determination division of those who are completely committed and going forward in the way that I ordain for them. When you make it your daily practice to keep your first love in Me, the enemy will not be able to tempt you with the various lusts of the flesh. Countless multitudes are deceived and led astray and down into the deep abyss of destruction and damnation. Do not ever imagine that I want you to go astray from Me. That is purely the work of the devil and his demons, that is, to seduce My people.

Far too many of those who are claiming that it is Me that they love are deceiving themselves, because they have chosen to believe the liar and the lying spirits above Me. In the same, they make up justifications for their sinful transgressions, then imagine that they are somehow getting by. Such stupidity comes upon them because they were not determined to keep walking in the steps of My Son Jesus. Therefore, they were easily led astray and taken into the snare that comes to those who are not in determination to finish their course and keep their vows to Me.

When you see the ones who have given up on determination, know that they will follow the foul spirits that will end them in damnation. Why should you go in the way of damnation when you are called to continue in the salvation mercies that you have received through My Son Jesus Christ? Do not for any temptation abandon your determination for the vanity and vexation that is offered by enemy forces.