Vanity and Chasing the Wind

I speak unto you this day and I say that I do not desire that My people get caught up in the never-ending treadmill of the cares of this life. As it becomes more and more evident how many are chasing the wind and bringing forth vanity, there are some who realize the eternal worthlessness of the carnal treasures that are so important to multitudes.

There are many, however, who are enslaved to the pursuit of riches that make themselves wings, and they value the same as though such were and are the only reason for living. These ones, by their choices, have chosen the enslavement that they are in.

Although some will succeed in accumulating great wealth, the same is meaningless before Me, for they have nothing with Me. They have spent themselves chasing after the wind. I do not find pleasure in the ones who are pursuing the vanity of the riches of this world, because they are literally blinded by the god of this world.

The times that are at hand are full of confusion and delusion, and multitudes have taken it upon themselves to live in imaginations that lead to damnation. They have cast off true and godly wisdom in order to believe in lies and fakeries, whereby they have taken up untrue identities that are causing them unstoppable confusion.

The reality of life on earth is simply this: People either choose for Me and adhere to godly wisdom, or they choose for the devil and his demons and live in deceit. It is not, nor has it ever been My intention that My people would choose for the devil and his deceits and lies. To choose such a course is to choose for death rather than life. I want those who are Mine to continue to choose Me and to adhere to the standard which is godly.

Be aware that there is no reason to choose for the vanities of this world. There is every reason to choose for Me. I would that all people would be saved, yet I know that they will not. This is because they are content to go after the vanities of the world, to chase the wind, and to end up damned.

On the other hand, the ones who are hungering for something other than the conjectures and lies that they have been fed, such as these will serve Me when they come to Me through salvation in Jesus. I desire for them to be uplifted, guided, and brought forth knowing that My way is beautiful and that My way is perfect.

When men, women and children are faced with choices regarding what and who they choose to serve, My desire is for them to choose Me and the way that leads them to eternal life. As life is ended on earth, people are faced with the consequences of their choices, and it is to Me they must give an account. It will be determined in that account where they spend eternity, and know that they will be thoroughly scrutinized and will not be able to blame anything or anybody.

I absolutely do not want anyone to choose for damnation, and yet they do. This is because they are loving to go in a way that I never intended nor provided, and they do not want to walk uprightly. They actually like the misery that their choices to sin bring into their lives. Some people much prefer to be miserable above being in right standing in Me. Those who are of such a mindset are a shame and a grief to Me.

However, I am not accepting rebels into My eternal kingdom, and the ones who choose to rebel are choosing to go to hell. In the times that you are in, most people are going to hell because of their choices and their refusal to obey the voice of My Spirit, which would call them to come to Me and to walk in My way. Do not imagine that it is possible to live a life of sin without repentance and then be acceptable to enter into heaven.

There are multitudes who believe that someone else can pray them out of a particular place after they die. Of course, that is delusion and confusion, because once a person dies and is delegated to their final abode, there is no man or woman who can change that.

Considering these factors, I desire that My people would choose to come above the darkness and walk in the light that I want them to walk in every single day. Do not be quick to assume that I will forever forgive and forgive those who stubbornly and consistently sin, yet claim they love Me. As My Son who has spoken it declared, those who are loving must keep His commandments in order to be counted approved and accepted.

It is a shame and a disgrace when men, women and children are so sloppy and negligent about their spiritual destinations when they die. Truly, to end in hell is a horrible thing, and she (hell) is constantly enlarging herself to receive the ones who are destined to damnation. If people had a preview of hell, some would indeed repent and turn from their wicked ways because they would not want to be locked in the horrors of hell. I absolutely do not want to see souls perish, but in accordance with their choices so shall it be.

My desire is that My people keep on choosing for Me and walking uprightly in the way that is intended for them. Do not ever imagine that it is all right to sin and sin, and sin again. It is not, and to do so shows absolute disrespect for My Son and the life He laid down. Be ever thankful unto Me that I will give to My people all they need to keep them from the stupidity of vanity and chasing the wind, and they will end with Me.