Beguiling Beauty

I speak unto you this day and I say that the devil is a master of deception and oftentimes he will use demons to cause people to have beguiling beauty which is destructive. Many of those who people of the world worship as their idols are covered by beguiling-beauty demons. While people are so deceived by the beguiling beauty of those who are being used as workers of iniquity, the ones who are projecting such talents are oftentimes miserable as hell and knowing they are owned by the devil and his demons.

When you see the secret misery that people live in while projecting a false and beguiling exterior, know that they are victims who have sold themselves to the devil in order to make gain and fame in this world. They are not beautiful within. They are oftentimes very ugly inside and completely self-centered and looking only to their own ways and desiring to make gain from the same.

I absolutely do not want My people to come into the clutches of such demonic beguiling and control, nor do I want My people to be enthralled with the people of the world and take up the same as their idols. My people are to have no other gods before Me or beside Me. When it is Me that they focus upon completely, they will not be led astray and out of My way. Rather, they will be led forth by a plain path and given the newness of life that I alone can provide. Be thankful this day that it is Me who is the author and the finisher of your faith and who wants you to be kept uncorrupted by the world and the evil of the same.

Displeasing as it is to Me, there are many who claim they are Mine, yet they are taking up idols, and it is all because they have allowed themselves to be beguiled and led astray out of My way. They feast off of gossip about their idols and eat the bread of deceit in the same. They can tell everything they have learned about their idols, but they cannot tell anything about Me. This is because they have given themselves over to spiritual harlotry and in the same they are defiled.

Consider what a harlot is; it is one who has demonic powers by their so-called beauty to deceive and entice others to commit sins that bring death and damnation. Such as are harlots are literally offering up their beguiling beauty for sale that others will bite the bait and fall into the trap that will cause many sorrows. There are some who in the practice of harlotry are literally managed by someone else.

Their managers press them into greater and greater degrees of degradation in order to gain the fame and fortune that are the goals of such ones. However, even the managers themselves as well as the harlots are controlled by demonic powers. These evil spirits will push and push, demanding more and more and literally enslaving the harlots in a vicious cycle.

So it is, that when people commit spiritual harlotry, they are being led and enticed into a trap from which they cannot escape. As they are taken into captivity by the same, they find themselves unable to escape and are cast down deeper and deeper into the abyss of damnation. How many in these times are so lazy about their spiritual lives, yet so ambitious in their idolatry which is harlotry on Me?

They give themselves over to the forces of destruction and in the same they are experiencing multiplied traumas and sorrows. I do not want them there; they are the ones who are slothful in their spiritual lives and ambitious in ogling and partaking of the acts and actions of sinners.

I do wish that My people would stop ogling the world and the evil of the same, for while they think that they are just researching sin, I never asked them to do that. My people are meant to be adhering to Me as the One that they love and obey. It is not My intention that My people would be allowing themselves to be beguiled by the deceptiveness of the world. It is My intention that My people would be adhering to Me as the One who wants them to have the inward beauty that comes of true commitment and service to Me. The more that united believers are adhering to Me, the more that they will be blessed and their inward beauty will shine forth.

In My kingdom, those who abandon themselves fully to My purposes and plans are the ones who are beautiful with true and eternal beauty. The ones who are consecrating themselves to Me will find that they are greatly enriched and enlightened by My words of life and the moving of My Holy Spirit in their lives.

When I see the shallowness of the ones who are claiming to be Christians, I am grieved by their idolatry, their harlotry, and their lust for the beguiling beauty of the world. It has never been My intention that My people would be so dull and dumb as they are in these times.

There are generations yet to come, and these ones are meant to be serving Me. Instead, because of the sins of their ancestors who are now living and going in the wrong direction, those generations will be cursed and unable to have true witnesses that I am real and that My Son is the Everlasting Savior, the Prince of Peace.

Consequently, generations will be cursed, confused, and consecrating themselves to demons rather than Me. The beguiling-beauty demonic powers will lead them into self-centered, self-worshiping traps whereby they end in self-hatred and self-destruction. Do not by any means have the blood of future generations on your hands.