Counterfeits Cause Confusion

I speak unto you this day and I say that counterfeits are abounding in these times and the results are that those cause much confusion on all levels. It is not My intention that My own people would be caught up in the counterfeiting rings that are putting forth falsehoods and lies. My intention is that My people would give forth the true witness of who I am as they are serving Me in moral uprightness and integrity.

When My people become intoxicated by the world, then they reflect the sins and iniquities that are killing people rather than representing Me. It is not wise for My people to be counterfeit in their commitments to Me. Because they do not need to be instrumental in causing others to lose their lives, they need to be well aware that it’s Our desire that souls be spared from eternity in hell.

Those who advocate the world’s ways are literally going in the cesspool that takes multitudes down deeper and deeper in the filthiness of sin. I absolutely do not want My people to be sucked under into the sludge of sin and there remain, incapable of being free of the same. Reality is that I do not find pleasure when My people are not true to Me but are yielding to the iniquity of their own carnality. I desire the ones who are claiming to be Mine to be true to their vows they have made to Me.

If one considers the conditions that are evidenced in the world in these times, there is confusion on every turn. Young people are being driven to believe that they are the opposite sex to what I have created them to be. In such there is much confusion, mental torment, and even violence and death that come about unnecessarily.

These things are transpiring because of the imaginations that people are giving themselves unto and believing the lies of demon forces that are behind the blitz to convince multitudes that they are something or someone that they are not. On and on goes the confusion that has resulted in many suicides among those who have taken on opposite identities. It is indeed a sorrowful thing to see the degrees to which people go in deception. I am greatly grieved when those who are saying they love My Son are choosing the counterfeit commitment lifestyles and thereby multiplying confusion.

More and more, people are becoming zombies because they have chosen the darkness of their own understanding and forsaken the way that I have intended for humankind to be guided by. As you see more insanity rise up, it is because of the confusion that leads to delusion that is causing them as well as others damage, and is acutely affecting generations of children and young people. Of course, the money mongrels are right in the middle of it all to make more and more money off of the idiocy of the demonically inspired lifestyles that many are involved in.

I do not intend for My people to be overtaken by the idiocy of the world and likewise depart from Me and the way of soberness that My Spirit leads them in. Be serving Me in the attitude of gratitude because you are privileged to be Mine. The more that you consecrate yourselves to Me, the more that you will see that indeed I am with you always and that you are privileged to be true to Me as the One you love.

There are far too many in these times who are counterfeiting and then imagining that they are getting by with their sins. The reality is that no one gets by on Me, and I know the sins of all people, no matter what they claim to be. Actually, I am very tired and sickened by the ones who are loving in pretense and hypocrisy because they are counterfeit, that is, they are not the real thing in their relationship to Me. It is a grief to Me when the ones who should love Me and serve Me try to make a show of the same, yet their hearts are far from Me.

It is up to each person who is claiming to be Mine to maintain their relationship with Me and keep true to Me. Do not be easily taken astray from My way. Instead, be persisting in keeping your focus on Me. Realize that the devil is always attempting to call unstable souls into his web of deception. Those who have the imagination that they can live as pretenders are deluding themselves and taking the one-way road to hell.

If you take a good, long look at the way the world is in these times, it does not need more lies. What all are needy of in these times is the truth that comes from following My Holy Spirit. All of the delusion and confusion that are so prevalent are nothing more than the consequence of rebellion against Me. I want a people who are real and remain steadfast. I do not look to the counterfeits who are producing pretension and causing more confusion in a world gone mad. I desire a people who keep steadily moving onward and upward in Me.

Serve Me each day in thanksgiving and sincerity because you need Me as the One you love. Do not take up other lovers, other gods, and by the same turn into a counterfeit and cause more confusion in a world that has gone crazy. Consider the generations yet to come. How will they come to truth unless there are those who will keep the standard of the same and move forth ever uplifted in My power and glory? Be real with Me. Let the world have its confusion and delusion. Keep your first love and your vows to Me. Thank Me that you are privileged to be made real and true to Me.