Weathering the Storms

I speak unto you this day and I say that I desire you to weather the storms of life both naturally and spiritually. As My people, you are not meant to be weary in well doing, but rather you are to continue as a steadfast people who are keeping on in Me.

There are multitudes who turn aside and take up all manner of devices of sin when they find themselves in the storms of life. I do not want My people to turn or return to sin and then attempt to justify themselves in their corrupt actions. They should repent and return to Me.

What I truly desire of My people is that they would stay true to Me no matter what they may go through in this life on earth. Consider that there are multitudes who have gone a whoring from Me and taken to themselves false gods who cause them sore distress. I do not want you to be in sore distress; I want you to be in Me, for it is by My strength that you can be made able to endure the inevitable storms of life that will assail.

Do not get an attitude if you are assailed by a storm, because remember, I cause the rain to fall on the just and the unjust. However, as My people, you are provided shelter from the storm, in the sense that you can cry out to Me and My Holy Spirit is ever present to comfort you in whatever storm you go through in your lives.

There are multitudes who go through things in this life on earth without anything or anybody to comfort them. Some weather the storms and come out weather beaten but still continuing in life. Others see the storms and collapse to fear and give up in despair. These oftentimes die as a consequence of their fearfulness and end in hell because they did not want to be weathering the storms that faced them.

As My people, you are not meant to give up and die when you are hit by the storms with their winds of adversity. Instead, you are to endure and keep on, no matter what you have or must go through. The more that you cling to Me, the more that you find that in My timing the storms will pass, and you will know that I have kept you through it all.

Therefore, realize that you are meant to keep your vision single unto Me no matter what it is that comes your way. Be glad even this day that through Me you are given all that you need and yes, you are enabled to continue steadfast, unmovable, and always abounding in what I intend. I do not at any time put more on you than you are able to endure. Rather, I give you the strength that you have need of, and I send My angels to assist you and keep you protected when others are destroyed.

If you will soberly look at your losses compared to the losses of multitudes, they are minimal. Be keeping this in mind, and do not give way to the devil’s promptings to feel sorry for yourselves and harbor accusation in your hearts against Me. Rather, be thankful that through Me you can make it through whatever you have been hit with, and that you have a lot of goodness being provided to you.

Actually, when wood has been weathered by the storms, as with old barns and buildings, the wood takes on a character it cannot have by any other way. In fact, the same wood is cherished by some because it carries the beauty of the storms that it has endured. Consider that you are of more value to Me than the wood of old barns and buildings, and I find great pleasure in you when you will weather the storms of life and come out faithful, true, and hoping in Me. By weathering, you will develop in godly character, and the light of the same will shine through you.

How shallow are the values of most people, who want only the exterior to be showing a false beauty. This is because they do not value the true values. They are only judging things by the mere exteriors, which are oftentimes extremely falsified. They have no appreciation for those things that have weathered and endured and by the same come forth with true beauty.

I want to see true and lasting beauty in My people because they have endured the storms and kept themselves in Me. I am not interested in the paint, the polish, the glitter, the glitz that so many evaluate as beauty. When those things are stripped, what remains is oftentimes very ugly and childish because such ones are centered only on themselves.

I do not want you to be centered on you; I want you to be centered on Me as the One you love. Far too many live and die in these times for nothing more than the vanities of the world, then they face hell in the end. I want you to keep your vision and your love on Me, for I am the One who does care for you and desires for you to come forth in the victories that are prepared. Those who are persisting in endurance until the end, they shall be saved. Likewise, those who give up to the world’s enticements and go in the broad way are being led to destruction.

Don’t be in agreement with the world; be in agreement with Me. I am the One who wants you made glad that it is Me you serve. I will by My Spirit lead you in the way that is eternal. Fear not the storms that will yet come, but endure the same with gladness. Those who weather the storms are found to be a joy to Me, and likewise they will be filled with rejoicing themselves because they have found the true values that I desire for them to have. Be thankful to be weathered and developed in character and beauty.