Do You Know It All or Know God?

I speak unto you this day and I say: Do not have proud assumptions as to how much you know. There are multitudes who think that they know it all, but they do not. This is because they are living under the false assumptions that they know more than they do and that they can do more than they can. Because of these assumptions which are based on pride, many of them cannot or do not want to get through to Me by coming to Jesus in repentance revolution. Because of this, they literally are trapped in the know-it-all prison, where they can’t escape the clutches of pride.

I do not intend for My people to be enslaved to pride and held captive by the chains of pride. Rather, it is My desire and intention that My people would walk uprightly in Me and be brought forth in the way that I have ordained for them that they can be kept and purposed in My plan. I do not want My people to be as the proud who end up defiant because they cannot bend their knees and humble themselves to Me as their Maker and their Keeper.

In these times of pride, defiance and rebellion, many are taken in pride and end up in destitution of soul. In such places, they become totally confused and cannot differentiate between the precious and the vile. I absolutely do not want you to be found in such a place mentally and physically. I want you to be found in the power of My presence and be kept because you are walking in obedience to the mind of My Spirit.

Consider that you have been given My Holy Spirit to lead and guide you into all truth. As you are walking in the way of obedience to the commands of My Spirit, you will not be undergoing the trauma and the drama that multitudes are involved in daily. Since you are My people, I desire that you would be in subjectivity to My Spirit that you could really learn to know Me as your Maker, your Creator, and your Master.

Countless people who claim to be Mine are spending their days and their nights in partaking of the lives of others and trying to know all about them, yet they do not spend any time in prayer or study regarding Me. They would rather be able to tell all of the news about their favorite idols than to be able to tell anything about Me. In such behaviors, they are proving to be dull, dumb and stupid.

They are in such shape because those who worship idols are dumb and they are not at all pleasing to Me. I find no pleasure in them because their hearts are far from Me and they have taken up idols, and by such behaviors have filled their time, their lives, and their emotions with their affection for their idols. Such as do these things are a grief to Me because it is Me that My people are meant to learn of and to give their affections unto.

Those who are know-it-all in their perspectives are very limited, for they have become their own idols. They no longer think of the needs of others, nor do they think of Me. Instead, they are in captivity to the idol of self, and by the same they are limited and bound. Self is a very demanding ruler, and the truth is that self is never satisfied. Those who are bowing to self are bowing to the darkness and the iniquity of the same, and cannot find any higher hope than what they imagine.

These are deceived, for they are imagining that through their own understanding, things are exact. In fact, because their understanding is limited and keeps them in bondage, they are unable to escape from self and the captivity of the god of self. It is wise to consider the imprisonment that those who are in bondage to self are under, because there is only increasing disappointment in the same. The reality is, there is no way to be freed from self except to follow the instructions of the Holy Spirit, for the same will lead to freedom.

Be thankful this day that you can be spared from the prison of self if you keep clearly focused on Me as the One that you love and want to know. The more that My people will walk in obedience to the commands of the Holy Spirit, the more that they will be uplifted, directed, and shown how truly pure My way really is. The way that I have for My people is made clearer and clearer as they walk in subjectivity to the mind of My Spirit and refuse their own carnal minds.

I do want My people to long to know Me and to be in unity with My Son, My Spirit, and Myself. When those who are Mine will do as My Spirit directs, they are made more and more aware of the superiority of My way and of My kingdom. Be serving each day in the attitude of gratitude, because in the giving of thanks and praise to Me the revelation of My kingdom becomes more and more evident. Remember it is Me the Living God who has given life to all living creatures, including humankind. All of creation relates to Me. However, people are the only ones who think they can have things their own way.

How foolish it is when people think that their way is so much better than My way because they are in the know-it-all class. Little do they understand that the know-it-all class will be counted as failures when they stand before Me. Inasmuch as they are following foolery, they will die and perish in their folly. The wise will appreciate knowing Me and will hunger and thirst after My way, which is holiness and righteousness. In this they will be finding that more and more of the truth is revealed to them and by the same they live.