Burn Day

I speak unto you this day and I say: Be aware that I do not close My eyes to the sins that are being committed in these times. The truth is that I see the abominations that are being committed in My name, and I see all of the idolatry that transpires among those who are claiming to be My people and My priesthood.

The time comes, and has been shown historically, when I do cause My wrath, fury and indignation to be made manifest on all of those who are claiming to be Mine yet they are not. For they are idolaters and adulterers, and they do those things that are great deception and are born of demonic conception. Then they wipe their mouths and they claim that they have done no evil.

Reality is that they have done gross deeds of iniquity in My sight and I absolutely am not pleased with them. In fact, I am greatly grieved because they have chosen in opposition to Me and gone a whoring after the ways of the heathen. If I wanted My people to take up the gods of the heathen and to commit the abominable practices of such peoples, I would never have separated them unto Myself and given them the Land of Promise.

Be thankful that you do not need to walk in the way that is far from Me and go after the gods of the heathen and be brought into bondage to sin. Those who have gotten eyes full of adultery and gone after the gods of the heathen are fools in My sight. This is because they want what they are not meant to have, and they daily commit sins and do those things that I have forbidden for My people. If they think that I do not see their sinful and vile practices, they are deceiving themselves and going afar off from Me.

I do not ever intend for you to be partakers of their darkness; I intend for you to be partakers of the glorious light that I provide. That light is My Son Jesus, who has come into the world to deliver men and women from their multiplied transgressions and violations that cause many sorrows. Do not be enticed into the devil’s pigpen, for you are not intended to wallow in the filthiness and be mired down in the same.

I definitely intend that you would know beyond a shadow of a doubt that through following My Son Jesus in the example that He left as the pattern to follow, that you will be uplifted and climb higher and higher in Me. Therefore, do not be wearied by the sins that are so plainly evident in these times. Instead, keep your vision uplifted and be following His example. I desire that you would be spared from My wrath, fury and indignation as I release them upon the wicked who are transgressing against Me and loving it so. Such ones as these love to be in the pigpen and to wallow in the filthiness of the same.

When people are choosing deliberately to violate Me, they will be the ones who are being gathered into piles, waiting only to be burned. This is because they are nothing more than dead branches, rubble and trash, and their condemnation is greatly multiplied by their transgressions against Me. I do not want you to live in transgression against Me and be burned up when BURN DAY comes.

There are many who will go up in smoke and their souls will be hurled into hell in that great day when I light up the rubble, the dead branches, and the trash with the fires of My indignation. As the fires ignite and BURN DAY blazes in My fury, there will be no escape for those who have chosen such a reward for their sins, abominations and transgressions.

Do not hesitate to take the action that I desire with regard to those willful and rebellious transgressors. That is, separate yourselves from them and turn away from the stench of the smoke of sinfulness and the smell of burning of rotten flesh full of filthiness.

Realize very plainly that you are not to have pity upon them, for they are the ones who continued to sin over and over and take themselves in the way of rebellion and refusal to repent. Choices are what take people into the flames of My indignation on BURN DAY.

Be thankful that you do not need to be burned up, but rather you can continue to be lifted up as you are following the commands and the instructions of My Holy Spirit and aren’t ashamed to obey Me. Therefore, in this grossly wicked and perverse generation, let it be Me that you are in obedience unto and that you give the thanks, the praise, the honor and the glory unto.

More than once I sent My Spirit to call to those who were rebellious to repent, yet they stubbornly and hatefully rebelled because they were operating under demonic spirits rather than obeying My Spirit. So, when the day of My retributive justice comes upon them, know that the BURN DAY is here. I do not send My Spirit to plead with men and women forever. There are times when I send the fires, and so, the ones set aside to be burned up are lit. Be thankful that you can burn with My holy fire that is within you through obedience to the commands of My Holy Spirit.

As you are burning with the holy fire that comes of righteous living and obedience to the commands of My Spirit, you are a bright and burning light to a sinful, dark and dying world. There are some who will see the ones who perish on BURN DAY and take account of their own lives. If they repent before it is too late, then they are given forgiveness mercy through Jesus and can follow Him the rest of their days on earth.