Demons Screaming

I speak unto you this day and I say that when My power is released through the Holy Spirit, demons will be screaming. This is because they recognize that the power that was in Jesus as He cast out demons has returned, and they are afraid of that power.

The reason that the demons are afraid of that power is because they are attempting to undermine and destroy the souls they inhabit, and they recognize the deliverance anointing and are terrified of the same. This is because when the demons are demanded to leave, they must obey and depart out of the person or persons they are in.

Likewise, know that those who are delivered are able to be in their right minds once again and be free of the terrors and possession the demons have had them held by. Then those same demons are sent where Jesus would send them, and they have no host for their parasite activities.

When you are seeing the crazed that are common in these times, it is because they are captivated and held in mental and physical prisons by demons. Of course, the demons have nothing in mind for them except increasing deterioration, destruction, and the damnation of their souls. This is because the demonic agenda remains the same as their master the devil, and that is to kill, steal and destroy.

There are in these times vast multitudes who are bound in demonic captivity, and some of them are well off in terms of riches in this world. Actually, when people believe the lies of demons, whether they are poor or rich, the demons move in to parasitize them and suck their lives out.

Consider that if someone was living without payment in a home and the owners came in and demanded him or her to leave, of course the one who was not contributing would begin angrily complaining and even screaming at the thought of packing up and getting out.

Demons are of the category that is deceit, and they will attempt to beg for mercy, or they will try and pretend that they are non-existent if they can get by with their deceptions. I do not intend that My people would carry around such parasites but rather command them to get out of themselves and others. Even if the demons begin screaming in protest, My people are not meant to be frightened by the same.

As true disciples continue to use the leverage of power against such demonic entities, they have to leave and they are forced to admit that they have no more power. This is because Jesus has been given all power, and at His name and the power that is in His name, the demonic powers must obey and flee from the situation they have been comfortably living in, causing much human misery.

Know of a surety that at the name of Jesus all knees must bow and all tongues confess that Jesus Christ is King and Lord of all. Therefore, do not ever be afraid of demon powers, but rather cast them out and hear their screams, for they will put up their protest. Do not be moved by any of the antics of demons. Simply lever the power against them because they are vile, wicked and destructive.

Be serving Me each day in the attitude of gratitude because you are not subject to their corruption, nor are you intended to be devoured by their wicked devices. Instead, you are called to walk in the power and to use the power for the furtherance of My kingdom. Be glad that I am the One who is giving the power to all who will be ready to receive the Holy Spirit and allow the same to instruct and guide them.

As you are continuing in Me, you will be shown My light on the path, and that light will be exposing the darkness of demon activity. Do not think for one moment that what you see exposed by the light is not there. It is! Keeping this in mind, continue to partake of the power yourselves and see that the same is omnipresent in situations where you obviously need the same. Do not let that power lay dormant. Exercise the same and you will become more discerning of demonic activity both in mind and body, not only in yourselves but also in others.

When you see anyone who is demonized, offer to them the opportunity to be set free. I know the hearts of all people, and those who are even highly demonized yet crying out within themselves to be set free, will be freed by the power that is invested in true disciples. Sadly enough, there are some who do not want to be set free, because they like demonic activity in their lives and of course, they enjoy the evil deeds that they commit under the influence of demons. Such as these will remain in their chains.

The ones who have cried out inside of their demon prisons and have been set free should be warned to not return to the former sins or to entertain demons by listening to them. It is not My intention that they become infested seven times worse than before, as can happen with some who allow the demons re-entry into their lives.

Once an individual has been set free of the demonic powers, they need to keep the freedom they gain. They are to go forward in the mercy that is given to them through Jesus Christ and to keep guard against those forces that would want to re-enter them.

To hear the demons screaming is indeed good, not bad. This is because those foul spirits are being forced to vacate the hosts that they have plagued and sucked off of as parasites. Be thankful.