Arise Shining

I speak unto you this day and I say: Look around and you will see that the world is in darkness because of the troubles that are in the world. I do not want My people to be engulfed or influenced by that darkness. My people are meant to be uplifted in the joyfulness that I intend for them to live in. I desire that My glory would be shining forth through them that people could behold My glory in earthen vessels.

Those who are remaining true to Me will not be under the depression and despair that is so widespread in these times when darkness is covering the world and nations are under that darkness, not knowing where they are headed. I intend that as My people you would be shining forth in the power, the strength, and the glory that I provide each day.

As My people keep clearly focused on Me, it becomes evident that they are in a different realm than the people of the world who are so affected by the news, the blues, and the tragedies that transpire daily in the world. Be thankful that you do not need to be taken down under such oppression and rebellion as are happening in this world at this time. Rather, you can be continually uplifted and enabled to give Me thanks and praise each day, for you are being kept by Me.

Be thankful that each day you are being directed, corrected, and instructed in the way that I intend for you, and as you are doing such, you find all that I have intended for you. You do not have to be as those who are looking for every imaginable excuse for their vile behaviors and claiming they cannot help it. However, the truth is that they do not want to “help it.” They prefer to run wild and blame everyone else for their misconduct and transgression of My laws and dictates.

Do not under any circumstances come under such misconceptions, which are basically lies of the devil. These lies are being transported by demons and causing people to be destroyed. As the world is covered in darkness, so are My people meant to be covered in My light and serving each day in the attitude of gratitude.

There are multitudes who spend their entire lives in complaining and wishing for things that are absolutely not intended for them. Because of such manifestations of discontentment and rebellion, demon forces have a good time at infecting multitudes and causing them to take up with discontentment and rebellion against Me.

Of course, in their deceitful ways they prove repeatedly that they are not worthy to receive what I want to give them, because they are stuck on themselves and their own troubles. Be alert to the fact that such ways are crooked and will cause many sorrows because they will be trapped in self-pity and will try to get others to join in their pity parties. Then, if others do not take up the same confusion, they in their delusion imagine they must erupt in violence against the ones who see through their masquerades.

While governments try to play god, they are proven useless in the same, for they are deceived and duped by the various interest groups that are levying pressures to have their issues met and well provided for. The entire spectrum actually is a conglomerate of confusion, as multitudes are being led astray and much money is wasted on nonsense and total confusion.

The consequence is greater and greater darkness, and the evil that accompanies the same is grossly increased and people are engulfed in the parody and the parade of fools. You are not to be swept up in these winds of adversity that are blowing continually and bringing troubles and terrors to the ones who are not resisting such winds.

It is only wisdom to have a shelter from the wind and the damage the same can do when it is very strong. I do not want you to be caught up in such, as you are My people and I desire that as you have arisen out of the dust and are shining forth, My glory is made manifest for all to see.

My people are called to be the light and the salt in a sin-sick, dark, and dying world. This is because through My Son Jesus you are enabled to do what I desire and what is required of those united believers who will be representing Me as My true and faithful disciples.

In times such as are now being evidenced upon the earth, people are now more in need of the Messiah and the message of salvation through Him than ever before. When you consider the messages of darkness that people are eating of daily, you will see that they take themselves into the mire of their own making and wallow in the filthiness of the same. However, it is still My desire that they would come out of the filthiness and into the holiness that is found through repentance unto Jesus Christ, My Son and the Savior who has come into the world.

Those who will fiercely lock into darkness and rebel like hell against the truth, do so because their deeds are evil, and even though they are dying through and by their sins, they love it so. I do not want them to be caught up in the darkness, delusion, and drama that so many are in. However, there are multitudes who will live and die in the prisons they have chosen as their habitat of demonic infestation.

Rejoice repeatedly as you see that you have indeed been able to arise shining out of the sludge of sin, as you have been cleansed by His blood from the penalty of your sins and are being purified by the waters of His Word.