Wild Dogs

I speak unto you this day and I say that you are living in a time when those who are meant to keep people informed are viciously attacking like wild dogs those whose opinions are different. In the current political climate, anyone who stands for moral integrity is sought after to be devoured by the wild-dog media who want only their own opinions. Totally intolerant, although they make claims of being tolerant, they despise all who stand for decency and uprightness.

Because they are hell-bent on destroying, they will think nothing of attempting to tear to pieces and literally devour those who are maintaining the ways that I have intended for people to live in. It is not My intention that people would be giving themselves to debauchery and defilement, and yet they do. Why? It is because they are preferring darkness rather than light, because their deeds are evil and they think the same are hidden from Me.

The truth of it is, nothing is hidden from Me, and the ones who are attempting to hide their sins are totally foolish. I see the wicked in all of their corruption, and I see how those who are especially hateful will attack My people as a pack of wild dogs and attempt to bring them down.

Truthfully, though these wild dogs do everything to shred to pieces the reputations of My true people, they will not prevail completely over them, because My people know and understand that these dog packs are sent to destroy them by the demons who motivate their slander and lies. It is not My intention that My people would be concerned with what other people think about them. This is because the devil will always motivate liars to lie all the more against My true believers and desire to destroy them.

Be thankful that you do not need to collapse to the opinions of others, nor do you have to fall down to their vicious slander and character assassination attempts. Instead, you can stand strong and know that others have gone before you and that you are not to be subject to their continual bombardments.

Use the weapons of your warfare and resist their attempts to ruin you with their words and or physical attacks. I have provided My people with the two-edged sword of the Spirit, which is very sharp and gets to the point, and also the shield of faith to ward off the fiery darts and sharp deadly arrows the enemies want to kill My people with.

You are not meant to succumb to the cruelty of the wicked; you are meant to keep on the helmet of salvation that they can’t penetrate your head or your mind. It is true that I have equipped you, and you are required to use the weapons that I have provided for you that you do not need to be intimidated, continually living in fear of those who hate the truth.

Those who are standing for the truth and following in the steps of My Son Jesus will find that just as He was evil spoken of, so will those who remain standing and keeping in His steps. Be thankful that you are counted worthy to be persecuted, prosecuted, and possibly imprisoned for His sake. It is not too hard to follow Jesus as some will claim.

The wild dogs can be scattered or even find themselves being evil spoken of and viciously attacked by others. Then they will see what it is to be under the snarling, cruel, biting words of those who are likewise wicked.

This day, be thankful that you do not need to be subject to all of the wickedness that they want to do. Rather, you are meant to be subject to Me as the One that you love and obey. The more that you bring yourselves into subjectivity, the more you will understand how important it is to keep steadily following Me in the way that you are intended to walk.

Do not be hasty to turn aside and go in the way of the fools who are trusting their own understanding. In such a place, the wild dogs will devour and tear to pieces the ones who try to satisfy such dogs. Once the wild dogs see that they have wounded someone and they taste of the blood of such a person, they will become totally bloodthirsty and cannot even be stopped in their attacks.

Be fully aware that in these times there are many who will attempt to convince you that they have no evil intentions, while all the while they are setting you up to be devoured. Therefore, do be alert and alive, for My Spirit will warn you of their schemes. If you listen to the discerning voice of My Spirit, you can be spared.

Serve each day in the attitude of gratitude that you can be behind the wall of My protection and the dogs will be kept outside of the wall. When they cannot gain entry, they will turn against each other and become angry and accusatory towards each other. The more that you are aware of My wall around you, the more you will see them as they show their true motives, and their cynicism will be ventilated on one another.

While attacking My people, they attempt to project that they are a united pack, but they are not. When they are kept outside the wall, then they are liable to begin devouring one another and having no intention of stopping the same. They will easily show up the murder that is in their hearts and that was intended for My people.

It is good that you do not need to be the meat for them to eat. Rather, you can stay behind the wall of My protection and see their utter wickedness made manifest. Be all the more thankful that you are kept and protected by Me, for I give to you the wall of safety between you and the wild dogs.