Trapped in Their Pride

I speak unto you this day and I declare the truth to you that those who oppose My people are enemies of My purpose and desire. They imagine that they remain in power forever but they do not, for they are mere men and women, and their glory fades. When they die, their imagined greatness is no more, and they will stand before Me.

There are multitudes who have thought themselves to be invincible and totally in complete control. However, such imaginations as they have had are the consequence of their pride, and they died trapped in their pride and unable to humble themselves, even as they previewed in their lives on earth the agonies of the damned.

Do not think that I will not punish the wicked who work in viciousness and cruelty against My true people. When such ones as these persist and insist on their iniquitous behaviors, they prove themselves to be the enemies of My plans and purposes. In their hatred for Me, they seek to subjugate My people and bring them down.

However, these blinded fools trapped in their pride do not see that My people will be uplifted and brought forth triumphant and victorious, for I will cause it to be so. When I the Living God do say that it is enough, then it is. Then the wicked can do nothing more against My people, for I will devastate the wicked, and they will have their evil plots and schemes turned against them and they will be repaid.

Do not pay heed to the wicked who breathe out threats and want to see My people brought to ruination and devastation because they are determined to oppose Me. I see them, and they are trapped in their pride, unable to escape, and no matter what they may think, much suffering and sorrow will come to them in their lives on earth because of their wicked works. Then they face hell forever, where they will know greater torments than they knew on earth, and in such torments they will continually remain.

Be thankful that you are not called to be involved with the wicked and that I am the One who sets you free and keeps you out of their clutches continually. Therefore, be all the more thankful that I am the One who provides you with all that you need each day in terms of Holy Spirit strategy and commands to action.

Be glad even this day that you are brought forth by a plain path and renewed in the power of My presence because I am the fountain of living waters, and you can drink of the same and be refreshed. I don’t want you to go down under by the polluted waters of wickedness that are poisoning many and causing them to become weak, sick and enfeebled. When people drink long enough of the contaminated waters of the world, they will die prematurely and suffer here on earth before they do.

How many there are who because they are trapped in the prison houses of pride think that they will remain forever and that no one will be able to dispose of them! The reality of life is that they are easily disposed of by Me when I turn My fury against them. As the absurdity of pride is made manifest, it becomes more and more evident that those who are encased in pride are blinded by it, and likewise imprisoned in pride.

When you see pride in yourselves, do not seek to cover that pride, but rather refute and rebuke it and refuse to remain locked in the same. Be eager to escape the clutches of pride, for the same is a deadly killer and will cause you many sorrows and troubles. Be thankful that when you are given the way of humility, you can choose to walk in the same and be brought forth. Do not by any means think that you must remain loyal to pride, for the same is a killer. Pride is actually capable of many ugly behaviors and reactions, including murder.

Many sins originate with pride because pride will declare to people that they deserve better than they have. Many commit fornication, adultery, rape and perversion under the prompting of pride. Likewise, many crimes of violence spring up because of pride’s pressures in the minds of people. As you become more aware of the absolute savagery that pride can drive people to, give Me thanks that you are not enslaved to pride. Be glad to walk in the humility way that I put before you and to be thankful for the same.

Since I have caused the enemies to be imprisoned by pride, they cannot escape from the same. This punishment is just, because they sought to destroy My people and gave them no mercy whatsoever. Therefore, it is Me who will cause them to be kept in the very pride that drives them daily and will in due season destroy them.

As My beloved and united believers, be thankful that I am your defense and your rearguard, and that no weapon that is formed against you shall prosper, for I will cause the same to malfunction. Rejoice that you are not in the evil clutches of pride, nor are you a victim of the proud wicked who are vicious in their plots and deeds.

Through Me you are enabled to be victorious over all the powers of darkness and will not need to live in fear of the same. Know without a doubt that I am your refuge and your mercy, and that you are kept in the ark of My safety, for I will provide the same to you and you will be made glad each day. As the victorious and not the victims, your lives will show forth My glory.