Double Portion

I speak unto you this day and I say that it is Me the Living God who lifts up those who have been afflicted and wounded, and heals them of their wounds. Likewise, as they are being healed, they will be enabled to eat the good of the land, and they will be strengthened. Believe Me when I say that vengeance belongs to Me, and those who have oppressed and caused My people to be scattered will be scattered themselves and oppressed.

To those whom I have released from captivity I will give My double portion, and they will know, understand and realize that it is Me the Living God who is able to free them and cause them to come forth rejoicing. I am the One who does cut the chains of captivity and turn their mourning into the joy that only I can bring.

While the enemies of My purposes and My people may imagine that they prevail, they do not, for they, the oppressors, will be in captivity because they will be found under My wrath for the evil they have done against My beloved ones, My chosen. Be aware that I am not mocked, and those who have mocked Me and My people will be mocked, for they will receive the double portion of the evil they have done against My own.

Be thankful that you can trust in Me, for I am indeed the One who does far more for you than you may be seeing, because My ways are higher than your ways. Likewise, I reign supreme and My abilities are absolutely endless, and there is no end to what I am able to do for those who are putting their trust and their hopes in Me.

Therefore, do not be as the stupid, the dull, the dumb, who take to themselves idols and then hope in those things. Idols can do nothing for anyone, and those who worship idols are dumb and they are far from the truth. In worshiping idols there is slavery and bondage.

The enemies of My purpose want you to worship their authority as though the same is the absolute. Their desire is that you would become broken in spirit and yielding to their covering that they control you. However, you are not meant to bow to their idol of false authority, for it is Me the Living God who will bring them down, and they will have to confess that I am the Sovereign God and that there is none like unto Me.

It is My intention as you are freed from captivity and being restored by Me, that you would receive a double portion, and I will give to you all that you have need of each day. Not only will I give to you what you need; I will provide for you in abundance because I am the God of great and exceeding riches that far surpass the riches of carnal men.

Therefore, do not worry about tomorrow and be fearful over the same. Rather, be confident that as I am the same God who provides for you today, so shall I provide tomorrow and all the days of your faithfulness to Me. It is Me who desires the very best for you and who does not withhold any good thing from you.

It gives Me pleasure to put the enemies to shame, for while they think that they can defeat My purposes and My people, they are deceived by their pride and are blinded by the god of this world. While they are attempting to curse, it is Me the Living God who does and will continue to bless the ones who are cleaving to Me and giving Me thanks and praise.

Be glad that you are set free from the captivity, the imprisonment, the scattering, and that you can proceed with thanksgiving because I am the One True God who is bearing rule over your lives. The more that you are blessed by Me, the more that you understand that I am the One who has delivered you and that without Me you are unable to be free.

When I have opened the doors of your imprisonment and you are freed, be aware that you are set free to be with Me as My people. You are not set free to go into the world and the darkness of the same. My people are intended to be the children of the light and to shine forth in a sin-sick and darkened world. Therefore, it is important that My people do not succumb to sin’s seduction and be taken back into captivity. Rather, they are meant to believe in Me and walk in the strength that I make available to them.

If you have been afflicted, oppressed, scattered, tattered and torn, know that you no longer need to mourn, for truly you will receive the double portion of My restorative mercies. As you are being blessed by Me, you are shown repeatedly that you have much to be thankful for in your new found freedom. With this in mind, do not open the door to the devil and his demons in any way whatsoever. When the enemy powers would approach you or knock at your door, refuse, rebuke and refute such forces, for they are not your rulers.

Be glad for the opportunity you are given to live your lives for Me, and that I through My retributive justice do deal with those who have sought to destroy you and cause you damnation of soul. Be in the attitude of gratitude to know Me as the One you love and serve each day, for I give to you exactly what you need, and you will not lack for any good thing. Consider that good things are more than possessions, for peace is a good thing, joy is a good thing, love is a good thing, and mercy is a good thing.

Thank Me that I give to you the goodness of My kingdom and that you are not left empty and without but you are given abundance of goodness day by day. Be glad that you are receiving the double portion that I alone can give to you.