My Home Is with My People

I speak unto you this day and I say that My home is with My people, which is why I desire that My people be re-gathered to Me that they would find the peace that My covering brings over them.

I do not want My people to have to live in the world and be covered by the same. I desire that My people would be brought into Me and be covered by My goodness and mercy at all times. The world is full of wickedness and iniquity, and those who are following after the vanity of the world are going to find themselves in a heap. Those who have chosen to go a whoring from Me and to take up the ways of the world will be overwhelmed in the same.

When My people have been scattered, then the enemy loves to keep them separated from Me and each other. This is because the forces of darkness hate the unity that is found when My people as united believers come together under Me. It has been My intention to have My people caring for and being with one another.

In these times that you are in, many who are claiming to be Christian are superficial in their commitment and their love towards others. They think if they say, “love you, brother,” that is sufficient. However, before Me that is not sufficient, because they are not expressing their love in action. Instead, they are merely acting as though they are true, when they are self-centered and living in their own worlds, without consideration for their brothers and sisters who are needy.

In the ministry of My Son Jesus is given the example. He lived with His disciples and trained them in the way that represented My kingdom. He cared for them and saw that they were provided for naturally with reference to food and drink. More importantly, He took on the inconvenience of traveling with, living with, and providing for them, and did not complain about the same.

Realize that He loved them because I gave them to Him to train and teach the way of the higher kingdom wherein I abide. He only worked where I showed Him through My Spirit. He did not try to change or help the whole world. He moved on the ones My Spirit was guiding Him to, and then there were miraculous results.

The religious leaders of His day were angry and jealous of the power that He manifested, because they did not have that same power. Nor could they move with the Spirit, because they did not have My Spirit. They actually had made a business of religion, and in the same they were locked and unrepentant. In fact, they hated the very call to repentance because their hearts were far from Me. Be aware that in their hearts these religious leaders were enemies of My Son, and they hated Me likewise, even though they used My name.

Such ones were not My people. They were the wild seed who had gone after their own self-centered desires, ambitions and lusts. I found no pleasure in them, nor was I deceived by their religious shows and proud displays. Truthfully, I did not dwell with them, because they were not My people. When I gave them the opportunity to repent and return to Me, they refused because they were loving their own ways above My way.

So it is even in these times. There are many who are making false profession of being Christian, yet their hearts are far from Me. They are involved in their own self-centered worlds and have no love for Me or the brethren. I do not dwell with them, because their hearts are far from Me and they love it to be so.

Know of a surety that the ones who are truly Mine are the ones who will keep clear in their focus and their commitment to Me as their Maker, their Keeper, their God. Such ones as these will be thankful to be in My family, and they will love Me as their Father and follow Jesus as their elder brother.

It is My desire to make My home, My abode with My people, and when My people are following the instructions of the Holy Spirit, then they are right with Me and their hearts are in right standing with Me. If you consider that I am the Creator and that I have created men and women to be in obedience to Me, then they will understand that My way is the best and only way for them. I want a people who want to be with Me, not running after the stupidity of the world, but rooted and grounded in Me as the One they love.

Consider what a great privilege it is to be with Me both here on earth and in the hereafter. My kingdom is meant to be manifest on earth as My people are cleaving to Me as the One they love and want to serve. This is why My Son taught My people to pray that My kingdom be manifest on earth as it is in heaven.

It matters to Me that My people want to be with Me both now and throughout eternity. When My people will put Me as the center of their lives, they will be abundantly blessed by Me, for they are well pleasing. Do not seek after any other way, any other god. Be longing for Me, and you will see that yes, I am near to you and I will live with you here and now.

Therefore, cherish the salvation that you have been given and rejoice for the privilege to be restored to Me. Know most assuredly that to be in My presence is to be restored to the life intended from the beginning. It is Me who is the One who has known you even before you were born, and it is Me who has had My intentions for you.

With this in mind, serve each day in the attitude of gratitude because I am near to you and I am in you. Do not veer out of My way. Remain in My House, and be covered and loved by Me.