Naturally Nasty and Negative

I speak unto you this day and I say: Do not be weary in well doing and in aligning yourselves with My Son Jesus. It is intended that you would pay heed to the commands of My Spirit and be obedient to the same day by day. As you pay heed to My Spirit, you will find that you are being directed in the way that is eternal life and is the straight and narrow way.

I do not want you to go in the broad way which leads to destruction. However, when any gives way to the natural man, the old nature, they are giving way to the factor that is naturally nasty and negative. There is found in the old nature a despotic and dethroned former leader who is eager and conniving along with demons to regain the throne of control.

As united believers, you are meant to seek to remain in the higher way that is death to self. When you are dying to your old nature, you are not yielding to the beast that is lurking inside of you and wanting to prevail over the new way of life that you have through Jesus Christ, your Savior and Lord. The more that you yield to My Spirit, the more that you will be led forth by a plain path and given the hope that is found in the way of the cross, which is the way that is everlasting.

Those who will follow in the steps of Jesus will face the same rejection and persecution, prosecution and prison. They may face natural death for their identity with Jesus. They will die daily to themselves and all that they want in life, to do what He wants them to do. When anyone does what the Lord desires and requires, they will find themselves well satisfied with His will rather than their own.

Those who are yielding to the will of God will find that they are filled with the peace that comes of obedience. Those who are resisting Me and are choosing to have their own way and their own will, are basically choosing to be overwhelmed, because they are estranging themselves from what I want for them. Be aware that to go after the way of carnality is to go in the way that will seem natural, yet will reveal the characteristics of the old nature. In such a nature you will find the nasty and the negative.

When people are yielding to the old nature, they will also find themselves taken in anger and hostility, as well as nasty dispositions towards others and even towards Me. Likewise, they will be accusatory towards many and will cause friction and fighting because of their anger. I do not call you to such misbehavior; I call you to be at peace with Me and thankful that you are not walking according to the natural man but are pursuing the way of the spiritual man.

After you have been born again and even followed Me for any number of years, it is possible for the old nature to erupt and cause you many nasty and negative attitudes. When such arise, do not give way to them. Rather, resist those impulses that want you to be angry and accusatory and cause you to want to blame others and bring yourselves into disrespect towards Me.

Keep in mind that I am your Master and your Maker, and to turn against Me is to turn against the One who has created you and given you the breath of life. Those who are looking at the circumstances and situations with carnal understanding will find themselves sorely distressed and full of sorrow. It is not My intention that you be distressed, depressed, and despising everything that you can think of. Such reactions are coming out of the demonically inspired and driven old nature that gives way to self-pity and self-love.

However, such confusion does not stop there, as many undergo sorrows because they are relying on the input of their own understanding rather than My guidance. Do not be trusting the old nature, for the same is full of inward darkness and wants to suck you back into the old, whereby you will give up on the new life that I have given to you. Be aware that self and the devil are the enemies of My purpose, for the goal of both of them is to take you down and destroy your relationship with Me.

Guard the relationship that you have found in and through My Son Jesus as you are following the guiding of the Holy Spirit and doing whatsoever He commands you to do. As you are attentive to be obedient to My Spirit, you will be uplifted and enabled to rejoice and give thanks and praise. Likewise, be glad that through My Spirit’s directives you are able to serve in the attitude of gratitude.

The ones who are disrespecting their relationship to Me and going according to the natural man or old nature will be full of nasty, negative disobedience and want to continue in the way of death rather than life. As My true followers find joy in obedience to the Holy Spirit’s commands, the false followers are hatefully rejecting the call to repentance and return to Me. They are more satisfied with falsehood and pretension, even though the same causes them vexation and torment.

Some people would rather live in their miseries than be set free. They like the very place of self-pity and will continue to describe their vexations repeatedly rather than be delivered of the same.

Be thankful that you do not have to be under the control of the nasty, negative and absurd imaginations that are found in the old nature. Instead, you can be uplifted and giving thanks and praise, as well as encourage other believers in the way that is My way. Be steady and encouraging to others and making them stronger by words of wisdom and light.