Divine Arrangements and Divine Appointments

I speak unto you this day and I say: Do not be disappointed but know that I am the God who provides you with divine arrangements and divine appointments. In those there is no mistake, and you can be uplifted and guided by My Spirit. When you are in cooperation with My Spirit, then you will be enabled to move in accordance with My plan and not miss out on My perfect intention for your lives.

Keep this in mind, for the enemies are always present to discourage you and take your hearts far from Me and into a place whereby you are saddened and disturbed by circumstances and situations that are not in accordance with what you want them to be. Therefore, be thankful that you do not need to be in disappointment and discouragement. Rather, you can be in unity with My Spirit and know of a surety that My Spirit is leading and guiding you forth each day in the way that is My intention for you and in you.

Be thankful to be partaking of the essence of My presence through the Holy Spirit, and that you are being led by the same. I do not call you to be left desolate; I call you to come forth uplifted and directed in My way. If you obey the commands and directives that are given by My Spirit, then you are uplifted and enabled to rejoice for the many divine arrangements and appointments you have experienced in your lives.

When you are seeing how utterly stupid things are, I do not want you to be subject to the encroaching darkness that is found everywhere in these times. Rather, I want you to be seeing how important it is that you cleave to Me and partake of those things that I have in preparation for you.

When My people are eagerly accepting of My sovereign rule over them, then they will not be disappointed nor discouraged by the circumstances or situations they find themselves in. The more that you comprehend My rule over your lives, the more you will be filled with the hope and expectation regarding the divine appointments you have yet to experience.

I have not called My people to give way to self-pity and inward accusation against those things over which they have no control. I have called My people to be ever purposed and strengthened in the way that is eternal and everlasting life.

Do not allow the negative reports and rules of the world to cause you to lose your hope in Me. Instead, take each new situation as a challenge and an opportunity to see how important it is that you are walking uprightly in Me as the author and the finisher of your faith and the One who is tireless in giving to you all that you are necessarily needy of.

Multitudes in these times are wanting things to be different than they are, and in such aspirations they are found to be foolish and, their lives are full of demonic disappointments because of their choices in opposition to Me. It is indeed foolish to turn away from Me and to go after that which I have not intended for you and find that the same is cruelty and oppression.

All of those who think that somehow they are able to find a better way than what I have intended, are following the insinuations and instructions of demons. Do not in any way receive the lies of the devil that would cause you many sorrows. Keep steadfastly looking to Me as the source of victory and triumph. I enable you in upright living, and strength is provided for you. Never deviate and follow the accuser who insinuates that I am not complete in the way that I have had and still have for you.

Inasmuch as I am the divine arranger, I am also the One who has divine appointments for you in all aspects of your lives, and by the same you will be uplifted and given the hope of who I am. More often than not, I repeatedly give all that I have to you, and show you over and over that yes, I have everything arranged.

Therefore, keep steadfastly believing and hoping in My tender mercies, for they are at all times intended for you. You are meant to be uplifted and guided forth, as I want you to experience the goodness in Me, which is the very depiction of My eternal kingdom.

Yes, you will experience tribulations and sorrows in the world, but I have overcome the world and intend for you to do the same. As you are being enabled to continue, you will find that there are many new challenges that will await you, yet you will be kept in and through the same by My Spirit.

Be thankful that I have given to you in this earthly journey divine arrangements and divine appointments, and those are My sweet mercies to you each day. Therefore, know of a certainty that there is no good thing that I withhold from the ones who are in obedience to Me and ever awaiting My intentional future for them, knowing that the same is ever present.

Do not go in the way that is deadly and far from the truth, for lies are the work of the wicked one. Instead, be knowing that by the guiding and commanding of My Spirit, you are kept from the endless snares and entanglements that take multitudes down into death and damnation of soul.

It is indeed purposed and planned that you be coming forth ever knowing that there are many ways that I purpose you to be shown My light on the path. Therefore, be excited because your lives are divinely arranged, and the divine appointments are given as I intend. Be serving each day in the attitude of gratitude, because I am indeed the author and finisher of your faith and want you receiving the promises and living out the same.