Generation Zombie or Return to Sanity

I speak unto you this day and I say that it is through the power that is found in the name of Jesus Christ, My Son, that demons are cast out and people are returned to sanity. There are many instances when My Son commanded the demons that held both adults and children bound in insanity and gross darkness, causing themselves much harm.

I want you to note that when the demons were exposed and cast out, many experienced great and lasting freedom because they were set free of the oppressors that wanted them dead. Be aware that the agenda of the devil is always the same: kill, steal and destroy. When he sends forth his demons to infiltrate and penetrate into human lives, those receiving the demons go into the realms of insanity.

You are living in times when the manifestations of insanity demons are plainly made visible on multitudes who are experiencing troubles because they are under the power of demons. In these times of gross decay and debauchery, some people are so demonized that they are utterly useless and can barely function to take care of their daily needs, and some of them cannot even do that.

The truth of the situations and circumstances of the infiltration of demons into human beings is that those people are becoming, and many already are in, the Generation Zombie. This is the time when multitudes are literally turning into zombies and are out of their minds. In fact, some have become so possessed that they are totally mindless, because their minds are overtaken by demon powers and they have no way to come out of Zombie Generation. However, by the power that is in My Son Jesus, they can be released, set free, and return to sanity.

Consider the story of Legion, who was so possessed by demons that he was cutting himself, sleeping in graveyards, and unable to be subdued by any human being. He was the perfect example of those who come under the power of the zombie demons. Multitudes in these times are under the zombie powers, and homeless, helpless and mindless. They are demon possessed and controlled. These ones inhabit city streets by the droves and are certainly what could be considered a public nuisance. However, they are still living creatures.

I want such ones to be returned to sanity and to remain free after they are delivered from the vile forces that have taken them into captivity and bondage. The multitudes who represent such insanity as is being evidenced in these times are obviously in such a condition because of their choices against Me somewhere in their lives.

When generations choose against Me, then the demonic powers move in by the droves and take them into vicious and horrid captivity. This happens when people grow so proud and defiant towards Me that they imagine that they are superior to Me and that they do not need to be subject to Me in any way.

When people fail to be subject to Me, then they open themselves up to become the victims of demon powers, and those powers will drive them insane. They will be found destitute of the truth, the light, and the mercies that I had for them. Instead, they will be under the power of fierce and mean zombie powers that will drive them more and more insane and incapable of taking care of themselves.

There are wicked men and women who are in high places, who are eager to be in cooperation with demons such as these, and are actually adding their potions to the demon infestations to cause these people to deteriorate more and more quickly. Then these wicked rulers see to it that these Zombie Generation converts harass and trouble many, and cause them severe economic distress, disturbance of their peace, and disruption of their lives.

There is no way that any can escape from the demonic control that turns them into possessed zombies if they do not come in contact with those who have the power of Jesus upon them to deliver such zombies from the demons. Be aware that when you see the victims of Zombie Generation, they will be sorely vexed, troubled and driven by those foul spirits to the point where they are totally out of their minds. However, do not be frightened by such demonic displays. Instead, realize that there is great power to be used against such forces, and that power is given to those united believers who look beyond the ugliness of the possessed and see them for the prisoners that they are.

Be thankful that you can see the captives of Generation Zombie return to sanity as the power of Jesus Christ is being exercised and used to show how truly hideously demons oppress and possess human beings. Thank Me that as My united believers, you will be enabled to behold the miracles, the power, and the deliverance that is enacted as the power of demons is shown forth as inferior and not able to withstand the power that is found in the name of Jesus Christ.

Be thankful to be actively engaged in the battle for souls and the grossness that is evidenced in the ones who have been prisoners of the powers of darkness. I do not call you to the powers of darkness; I call you to the powers of life, light and love that are of My kingdom. Be thankful to participate in the greatest revolution that will be made evident as the spirits of darkness are forced to release the prisoners they have held captive in Zombie Generation.