Unplanned and Unwanted, Put to Death

I speak unto you this day and I would ask you: How many things occur in people’s lives that are unplanned and unwanted? However, they fail to deal with such things in a constructive way and determine for destruction because they are wanting things their own way. In such determination, they are causing many sorrows and sore distress because things are not going according to their preconceived plans.

People respond to situations and circumstances in negative and destructive manners, and bring death to many unplanned babies conceived yet unwanted by their prospective parents. How tragic it is when people can literally put to death their own unborn babies because such ones do not fit into their schemes and dreams for their lives. I absolutely do not find pleasure in those who make it their practice to cause death to those who are helpless and unable to defend themselves.

Consider the blood guiltiness that is on the heads of those who have lost themselves to sin and then make their unborn pay for the sins they committed. Not only have endless rivers of blood been brought forth as the consequence of sin-cursed murders, but multitudes of women are inwardly devastated by the whole abortion process and the fact that they have put their own unborn children to death.

The bloodshed and violence that are so commonplace in these times is the direct consequence of the generations of accepted and legalized abortions that have caused untold millions of unborn to lose their lives. Consider that even the youth and post-teen adults who have lived while they had brothers and sisters who died by the ungodly crime of abortion, are cursed with violence and the desire to shed blood.

It is plain to see that sin in all of its disguises carries the consequence of curses, and many are being devoured, devastated, debauched, and damned daily because of sinful living. Never have I intended for mothers to consent to the slaughter of their own unborn children, and yet they do. When you consider the endless multitudes who have given their unborn over to death, and none of those children had even a chance to live or defend their rights to life, how cruel such practices and procedures really are!

The results of choices are long lasting and bring either blessing or cursing upon nations, tribes and peoples. It has never been My intention that men would be so irresponsible as so many are, to inseminate women and never accept any responsibility for the unborn children they cause them to conceive. Careless and lawless men oftentimes will leave women without notice once they hear of the women being pregnant. They make absolutely no efforts to accept their own responsibility and accountability for the unborn children who will be put to death.

However, know that I the Living God do hold all who are involved in murder responsible for their participation in the same. If such ones do not repent and turn from their wickedness, they will be held accountable for their involvement in the murdering of unborn infants. I do not want My people engaged in the slaughter of any, including the unborn. Therefore, keeping this in mind, do not under any disguise be participating in the bloodshed of the innocent.

I have literally destroyed entire nations, tribes and peoples who daily practiced violence and bloodshed, and by their practices were putting to death many who were innocent. If any nation, tribe or people chooses to kill, steal and destroy as their primary purpose, such are setting themselves up to be destroyed because of the lives they are destroying. Know that those who are practicing wickedness in My sight and are not in any way sorry for their sins, will be punished for their deeds. They will find themselves visited by My wrath, fury and indignation.

I do not find pleasure in the death of the wicked. It is My preference that they would repent and turn from their wickedness and be restored to Me as their Creator. However, I am aware that not many will repent, for most will continue in the way of the damned and be destroyed by their choices against Me. Do not choose against Me; choose for Me and you will be blessed to receive My mercies, and you will see My mercies upon your children, the offspring that come of your relationship with Me, the Living God.

I want you to pray for all of those who are involved or have been involved in the murder of the unborn, that they would see the error of their ways and repent and return to Me. Those who genuinely repent and change their ways will be forgiven by and through Jesus, and they will know what it is to have their sins washed away.

Jesus suffered the very cruel death on the cross, and the same was because the religious leaders of His day were full of jealousy and envy towards Him because He stood for truth and helped My people. He did not come to build His own ministry. He came to motivate people to repent, to turn from the deceitfulness of pride, and to be eager to be redeemed from the penalty of their sins.

Know of a surety those who repent deeply over their involvement in the abortion racketeering can be forgiven if they come to Jesus as My Son, their Savior and Lord. Thank Me that you can have clean hands before Me and not be downcast because of the sins all around, but can give thanks and praise.